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Yes!! Here they are! The shafts everyone is talking about...
Joe's Gold Shafts!
Named after Joe who owns Cue Components; these shafts are like gold.

This offering is for 4 (four) shafts as described below:

Here's the story: these shafts are cones, vacuum dried and very white. They are all tight and straight grained beauties which probably averaged 15 to 20 rings to the inch (when they were 1" squares). We machined all of them to 30" (the cue makers requested length), tapered down to .675/.900 cones and all dipped in Shaft Dipô. These were initially intended for a very neurotic high end cue maker who wasn't so 'Lucky' anymore as he had to break back into the American cue market after a long hiatus. It seems that idea failed and he abandoned the deal (neurotic and moving) and we want to blow them out. Yes, these were intended for very high end cues! These shafts are like gold and as such we're calling them, Joe's 'Gold' shafts after Joe who owns Cue Components. :-)

OK, so now you're sitting there saying, why are we selling these beauties if they're so great? The answer is simple and equally as anal and neurotic. Joe (Cue Components owner) is sick and tired of looking at the work we put into them preparing them for this particular character of a cue maker. They were all meticulously selected, cut and machined down to specific specifications. Even the center holes had to be drilled to certain specifications! Joe (Cue Components owner) wants them out of here! He's tired of looking at them sitting in the boxes packed and ready to ship to that lunatic.

These are the cream of the crop and if any of you know who they were intended for, you'd jump in and buy them all (and you'd know how neurotic he really is). You will not be disappointed as they are real gems!

And, just FYI... these shafts are all approximatley 1 years old since being dipped in Shaft Dipô and tapered. The last taper of .675/.900 was taken well over 9 months ago. These are real gems. And yes, our shaft wood inventory is that deep.

These are top grade quarter sawn, straight grain, no mineral or sugar and perfectly straight (no warping).

Note: When we say clear, no mineral or sugar; we mean that any cones which come with surface sugar WILL cut out and the final shaft will be clear. We will not send dowels with any mineral streaks. We know enough about wood to know which will cut out.

These shafts are most certainly premium quality.

These are exceptional high end shaft dowels worthy of the finest of cues. You will not be disappointed.

For further information about this item to see why a higher percentage of our shaft wood produces more usable and straighter shafts, please read about how our shaft wood is stress relieved.

This offering is for 4 (four) shafts as described above:

Due to the popularity of our Gold shafts they are now being offered in .550 x .890 tapered dimensions as well (click the drop down menu). You can purchase them in groups of four as noted below. These are the same great quality only tapered to almost a finished size and of course they've been cut over many months; stabilized and sealed with Shaft Dipô.

These shafts have been specially treated to withstand international travel.

Joe's Gold Shafts

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