Click to enlargeJoint Pin Installation #2

Yep, that's Brian again happy as ever. He loves his work here at Cue Components. Anyway.... here he is drilling the hole for the fourth and final time. After checking his work, he's precisely on center with his cue. He's one happy camper.

We will not show our method of actually installing the pin as it is a proprietary method. However, most cue makers, at this point tap the hole with the appropriate tap. Then, test fit the pin and use your favourite epoxy and you're done. And, do not pour epoxy into the hole and then turn your pin inward. If you do that, you'll build up hydraulic pressure which will cause damage. Just add glue to the pin threads and just a few drops inside the threads, deep within the hole. This is sufficient.

Now that all this is done and I don't have to baby sit any longer, I can go back to do what I do best and that's creating these dumb stories. Actually, we're hoping Brian stays on course and works out as he does appear to be promising. That is, if he doesn't read that darn book any more! :-)

BTW... we have joint pins available for those who need a quality pin in Brass.

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