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OK, if you are a Democrat and easily offended then you probably shouldn't be here. I think it's funny and so should you. Although I can't understand why anyone would like Hillary much less vote for the bitch, it's a fact that she's running. And, she should keep running. This woman is a liar and/or idiot, corrupt and her foundation is corrupt not to mention she epitomizes crony capitalism.

Other than all that she may very well be a wonderful person. She doesn't belong in the White House. Now if all that offends you, then I'm sorry. Not really but I guess I should say that. Hmmm, maybe I'm a politician.

And now, Little Johnny...

A teacher asked her 6th grade class how many of them were Hillary Clinton fans.

Not really knowing what a Hillary Clinton fan is, but wanting to be liked by the teacher, all the kids raised their hands except for Little Johnny.

The teacher asked Little Johnny why he has decided to be different...again.

Little Johnny said, "Because I'm not a Hillary Clinton fan."

The teacher asked, "Why aren't you a fan of Hillary Clinton?"

Johnny said, "Because I'm a Republican."

The teacher asked him why he's a Republican.

Little Johnny answered, "Well, my Mom's a Republican and my Dad's a Republican, so I'm a Republican."

Annoyed by this answer, the teacher asked, "If your mom was a moron and your dad was an idiot, what would that make you?"

With a big smile, Little Johnny replied, "That would make me a Hillary Clinton fan."

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