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This is vintage ivory paper based micarta. We believe this to be manufactured by International Paper. This is a manufactured laminated product made from paper sheets which were soaked in a resin and then heated and pressed into sheets. Yes, this is the good stuff and not the asbestos based material. This is the holy grail when it comes to ferrules. Most players will agree that this is the best ever ferrule material for cues.

The hit is also reminiscent of Ivorine III which is no longer available and greatly missed. Try some, you won't be disappointed.

These finish and polish to a soft ivory color and look great.

Priced as follows:
Per 1 Solid @ $5.95 each
Per 1 Threaded @ $8.95 each

Per 10 Solid @ $4.95 each
Per 10 Threaded @ $7.95 each

Please read the ending of this page for installation technique.

Paper Micarta Ferrule

Regular Price: $20.00
1 - 9
Sale Price


Installation Technique

OK, here are instructions for installation.

First: if you are not a qualified cue technician, then order the threaded ferrules and don’t try to save a few bucks by threading them yourself.

Second: If you are going to drill and tap these yourself then follow these instructions.

a) You need to drill these using an “F” drill. Not something close. Use an “F” drill. If you don't have an "F" drill then you are most likely not a qualified technician. Buy the threaded ferrules.

b) Spin at about 150rpm and drill slowly and steadily in ¼” and back out, drill ½” and back out and then drive it home and back out cleaning off the drill bit with each step. If you don't understand this, then you are not a qualified technician.

c) Now you are ready to tap them. If you are going to tap these by hand, good luck. If you are a professional and have the right equipment including a Tapping Tool so that you get a straight-line tap. Do not put any excess pressure on the walls (angle tapping). Your task will be simple and the results what you expect if you can follow our instructions. These must be chucked up tightly to insure a good tap.

d) When installing these we highly recommend Elmer’s glue but you can use your favorite epoxy or whatever floats your boat. You want a good fit; not tight, not loose – just a perfect fit. Let it dry thoroughly; that doesn't mean 10 minutes and jump on a table.

e) After installation seal the ferrule with Cyanoacrylate. We recommend thin but some of you like medium. Then polish with 1000 grit.

f) Install your favorite tip and go knock yourself out.

g) These ferrules are for playing pool; not for using your cue as a spear.

h) Enjoy the best hitting ferrule on the market.

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