Genuine Moori USA Pool Cue Tips

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We took the plunge and decided to manufacture our own line of Genuine Moori USA™ Cue Tips (to be out from under foreign supply, control & pricing). Our Genuine Moori USA™ Cue Tips are available in soft, medium and hard. You are purchasing GENUINE MOORI USA™ Products here!

Genuine Moori USA™ Cue Tips are 8 layers which are available in Soft, Medium and Hard. Our prices are probably the lowest around. These cue tips are manufactured to tight tolerances using the finest imported Japanese pig skin leather.

All Genuine Moori USA™ Cue Tips are 14mm.

These are comparable to Moori Japan cue tips but only less expensive because we are the manufacturers and distributors. Try some and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the quality and performance. No one can compete with us for cue tips which is well documented and by our lowest cue tip prices in the USA and Canada (and probably worldwide).

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