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These are the new and exciting Moori® Jewel Cue Tips. As with all Moori® Cue Tips comes one of the finest known and longest manufactured laminated tips on the market. Moori® has been around for decades before all other contenders. More than 5 years in R&D. The results are fantastic!

• Moori® Jewels are unparalleled in quality and control.
• Tips are 14mm.
• 8 laminated layers of pig skin.
• 3 hardness ratings for this tip: Soft, Medium Soft & Medium Hard.
• Control, spin and flexibility all in one tip.
• Moori® Jewel Tips are one of the most technologically advanced tips on the market.
• More than 5 years in the making, the Jewel uses the highest quality leather.
• Top rated players say tip quality is the key to cue ball control.
• Glue side is stamped to aid in installation.

Moori® Jewel Cue Tips

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