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Morakami™ Performance Chalk is the finest & highest quality chalk product on the market today. Similar to other higher priced brands but much more affordable and with the quality and performance that the name Morakami™ is synomous with.

Morakami™ Chalk will assist you to get your miscues under control. You'll find yourself having to chalk up less as it remains on your cue longer than other leading chalks.

There is a difference in chalk!

It doesn't have to cost $25 to be performance chalk!

Why so inexpensive? Because the leading importer (us) has more connections than Consolidated Edison and chooses to not participate in any MAP (minimum advertised pricing) schemes which ultimately force higher consumer pricing. We are not interested in screwing our supporters, clients and friends therefore no MAP which allows us to bring you the lowest possible prices. Say NO to MAP.

Introductory Pricing! Order today as this pricing will only last a very short time.

As low as $5.25 per box of 3 chalks! Our prices can't be beat! Support a free market product where there is no MAP to screw you.

Blue Now Available!

Priced as follows:
Per 1 box @ $6.99 (one box of 3 chalks)
Per 3 boxes for $19.50 ($6.50 per box of 3 chalks)
Per 10 boxes for $59.99 ($5.99 per one box of 3 chalks)
Per case of 48 boxes of 3 chalks $264.00 ($5.50 per box of 3 chalks!!

Buy some and share them or sell them to your friends, teammates, to the pool room and many other possibilities. At these prices there is plenty of room for mark-up because there is no MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) to mislead or rip you off.

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Performance Chalk
Blue & Blonde

Regular Price: $9.95
1 - 2
3 - 9
10 - 47
Sale Price


Other chalks are MAP controlled by the manufacturers... We DO NOT participate in any MAP schemes set-up by manufacturers.

Take a stand and say NO to MAP controls. MAP is 'Minimum Advertised Pricing' where manufacturers illegally set retail price controls or price fixing on their resellers. What does this do? It artificially sets higher than normal retail pricing which screws the consumer into paying higher prices. It does away with a free market because retailers cannot advertise their prices at anything other than MAP. It's unAmerican! Ever notice how all retailers are advertising/selling the same product for exactly the same price? It's not normal, it's not free competition, it's not a free market. That's what MAP does.

Product Reviews

by blues-brother May 31, 2017 Top favorable review
My new brand of chalk
I've been using Predator chalk for a while now and I like this Morakami better for the same reasons I was preferring Predator to Master. It is finer, goes on the tip smoother and easier, and stays on longer. I also feel like I'm getting less of it on my hand when I chalk. For now this is my new brand of chalk.
Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New | Sold by: cuecomponents

by kristivictor 20 Oct 20, 2017 Top critical review
okay chalk
i personally did not care for it, but i am comparing it to Kamui chalk which is 25 bucks ea pc. That is why i gave a good review. Most players will like it i guess. I'm too picky, but it is definetley better than Predator or national chalk.
Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New | Sold by: cuecomponents

by michavenu Feb 28, 2017
True Performance Chalk.
This is what we've been waiting for. Notice the smoothness the first time you chalk up. See the improved cue ball control. Feel your confidence grow. That equals better shots and more games won. I call it my personal "shot adjusting"chalk. I chose Morakami Performance Chalk. Now I carry the best.
Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New | Sold by: cuecomponents

by lhunter1945 Jul 06, 2017
great chalk
I am not a pro but this Chalk is a lot better than what I was using . It goes on the tip so smooth and stays on better than any other I have used.
Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New | Sold by: cuecomponents

by erialava Jun 11, 2017
Worth the money
Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New | Sold by: cuecomponents

by ascha7015-pw8qa81w Aug 01, 2016
smooth just the right amount of texture
been using this chalk about a month and switching between magic chalk from russia, which i like the best but considering where it is from i will use morakami or blue diamond which are excellent chalks.
Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New | Sold by: cuecomponents

by markw260 Apr 20, 2017
this stuff I say is more like LIP STICK. it seams to be more OILLY than other chalk so it sticks better.
Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New | Sold by: cuecomponents

by rtt55 Dec 11, 2016
well made,well designed
We have used several different brands of chalk. This is the best one for the buck. great stuff!
Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New | Sold by: cuecomponents

by danpony9 Aug 24, 2016
great price
good delivery
Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New | Sold by: cuecomponents

by stamp-doctor Jan 18, 2016
Best chalk I've ever used and I've used them all!!!!
A friend gave me a piece that he bought from CueComponents. This chalk is the best I've ever used. Much better than Balabushka, blue diamond, etc. Stays on the tip and I don't chalk as often. Great value and great product. I'm here to buy my own!!!
Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New | Sold by: cuecomponents

Be sure to try our Morakami™ Performance Chalk with our fine line of Morakami™ Performance Tips.

For those of you wanting a high quality brown layered tip which will remind you of the old Moori and play exceedingly well, then a Morakami™ Brown Tip is for you.

If you want a black layered tip that plays better and doesn't glaze over nor mushroom then a Morakami™ Black Tip if for you.

And lastly, if you want a black layered tip with a clear pad then try Morakami™ Clear Black Tips as they are for you.

No matter which Morakami™ cue tip you choose, you're buying the best tip available at any price. And remember, these tips costs less because there is no MAP nor any middlemen. Manufacturer direct to consumer - Morakami™.

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