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Morakami II™ Cue Tips are engineered for maximum performance using the latest leather and adhesives while providing you with Chalk and Shoot™ technology.

Morakami II™ Clear Cue Tips are the leader in innovation. Morakami II™ Clear Black Cue Tips are the latest unique innovation offering you more consistent playability by creating a tip with a glue barrier between the leather of the tip and the glue to install the tip to the ferrule. Morakami II™ Cue Tips achieves this by placing a clear pad which stops glue absorption into the leather. Because of this clear pad, the glue side is incredibly flat for easier tip installation.

The benefits are obvious; in fact, they're quite clear. You'll achieve consistent and repeatable performance.

Morakami II™ Clear - The winning choice!

Morakami II™ Black Clear Cue Tips are available in Super Soft, Soft, Medium and Hard in 14mm diameter.

Morakami II™ Black Clear Cue Tips provide you with:

* Each tip is serial numbered

* Unique & Innovative construction

* 100% genuine imported pig skin leather

* Clear pad is a barrier whereby preventing glue absorption into the leather

* Morakami II™ Black leather prevents moisture penetration in humid climates

* Common Sense choice of winners

* Clear pad allows for smoother and easier installation

Morakami II™ 14mm Cue Tips are priced as follows:
Per 1 - 5 @ $14.99 each
Per 6 - 11 @ $13.99 each
Per 12 - 23 @ $12.99 each

Unsolicited Testimonials

"The best tip that I've ever used in my life, thanks".
Aurelio S., Orlando, FL

"Just wanted to give you some positive feedback on the Morakami (Soft) Clear Black Tips. I now have about 50 hours of practice time with the Morakami tips you installed for me on Predator and Jacoby shafts. To put in as few words as possible, I love these tips and it's highly unlikely I would ever consider going back to the original (Moori medium) tips.

No offense to Moori but the Morakami's have a much nicer "hit", they hold chalk much better and for me controlling the cue ball is just a bit better. I realize that for many, tips are a personal thing but I highly recommend the Morakami tips".

Dave T., Sonora, CA

"Just a follow up note to my original enthusiasm regarding the Morakami Clear Black Tips.

I can't say enough about how much I am pleased with the feel and play of these tips. One facet of my play that has vastly improved is the consistent results I get from shots requiring spin or draw. I would advise anyone to give one of these tips a try and I would be willing to bet a considerable sum that they will be pleasantly surprised.

I'm in the process of switching all of my Moori Medium tipped shafts to the Morakami Clear Black Soft".

Thanks again for your time and advise.

Dave T., Sonora, CA

For the ultimate combination
try these tips with
Morakami Performance Chalk.

Morakami II™
Black Clear
Cue Tips

Regular Price: $40.00
1 - 5
6 - 11
Sale Price

Super Soft


NOTICE: All tips with a clear pad require a little more attention to installation. If you are not a qualified in the art of installation please have some who is a professional install these tips. These cannot be installed with a knife and sandpaper. These require a professional. If you are not, then seek someone who is.

Installation has a lot to do with how a tip will play. If you have Cheap Charlie install the tip in the back seat of his car with pliers and drill, most likely it will play as well as Charlie installed it. You get what you pay for.

Installation is paramount. A proper installation will not mushroom, will play consistent, will hold chalk and will last. All tips need to be cut down and some need to be cut back, some sanded and all burnished. If it's not done properly, you may not like a perfectly good tip that would otherwise play extremely well had it been installed properly.

Delamination or the layers falling apart is always due to inexperienced installation where the installer builds up excessive heat by sanding and or cutting the tip to shape it. Experience is key as is not building up heat. Take your time and don't sand excessively. All tips need to be cut down and not sanded down.

Lastly, if the tip delaminates, pops off, explodes or balloons it's due to cockpit error. PERIOD. We've installed thousands of tips as have our clients and we sell tens of thousands of tips all without incident. All problems are 99.9999% of the time installation issues. Proper installation by a knowledgeable cue mechanic is always recommended and encouraged.

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