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Morakami II™ Cue Tips are made with the finest Japanese pig skin which are then factory sealed in a pill-type encasement to protect the structure and freshness of your new tip.

Morakami II™ Cue Tips are engineered for maximum performance using the latest leather and adhesives while providing you with Chalk and Shoot™ technology.

Morakami II™ Cue Tips are engineered to be the best with each tip manufactured to exacting specifications. The hardness levels are precise and the consistency is second to none. Each hardness level is distinctly different from one another. The difference is visually noticeable. Morakami II™ Cue Tips offer you more skin for a longer lasting tip or you can cut it back to any level you feel comfortable with. They are available in 14mm Super Soft, Soft, Medium and Hard.

Morakami II™ Super Soft Cue Tips are 8mm tall (Duro Hardness = 70.6)
Morakami II™ Soft Cue Tips are 7.6mm tall (Duro Hardness = 73.1)
Morakami II™ Medium Cue Tips are 7.3mm tall (Duro Hardness = 79.4)
Morakami II™ Hard Cue Tips are 7mm tall (Duro Hardness = 86.0)

As you can see the Morakami II™ line of fine precision Cue Tips are constructed to a specific thickness for each hardness. These tips will not mushroom and they will hold their shape and hardness level for the life of the tip.

When you play with a Morakami II™ Black Cue Tip, it will provide you with 100% confidence which allows you to concentrate on the game and not the tip.

Morakami II™ Cue Tips grab the cue ball like no other tip to offer you maximum control.

Morakami II™ 14mm Cue Tips are priced as follows:
Per 1 - 5 @ $13.99 each
Per 6 - 11 @ $12.99 each
Per 12 - 23 @ $11.99 each

Mix and match for your lowest price!!

Super Soft, Soft, Medium and Hard are available.

For the ultimate combination
try these tips with
Morakami Performance Chalk.

Add them to your cart. When the combined quantity reaches 6, 12 or 24 your price will be automatically adjusted.

Morakami II™
Cue Tips - Black

Regular Price: $35.00
1 - 5
6 - 11
Sale Price

Super Soft

Unsolicited Reviews

So far I am very pleased with the results.
1 - Installs easily
2 - The layers are glued well, they don't fall apart when burnished.
3 - I haven't miscued yet and it's been holding it's shape. I did mushroom the SS but I expected too, I'm not a gentle kind of guy.
4 - Transfers English very well.
M.W. North Providence, R.I.

Great Morakami tips, the best I've used
M.G. Long Island, NY

Excellent Tip! Love the way it plays. As good as a Moori!
C.P. Niantic, CT

Must say these tips are really good.
E.B. Bakersfield, CA

These have to be the best kept secret. I tried one and now I am hooked. It definitely plays great.
R.K. Los Angeles, CA

I do local repairs and stopped selling a name brand because of their price. I am now selling these Morakami tips because they are better and they do not glaze over. Everyone agrees and they are all very happy with their Morakami tips. No better tip out there.
A.M. Chicago, IL

There is no better tip than a Morakami. I love it.
L.D. Cherry Hill, NJ

I have been doing repairs and making cues for a lot of years. I have always recommended Moori tips because they are a proven winner. We are now recommending Morakami because they are better. Thanks for selling great products. Your guys are the best!
D. F. Syracuse, NY

This Morakami tip is AWESOME.
J.O. Verona, NJ

I would like 3 hard and 2 medium on my order of Morakami tips. I recently purchased a medium and it is awesome, control, speed, draw, and follow. I love it and now the wife wants one on her Predator.
T.C. Danville, IL

It has been a while since this order, but just wanted to follow up after I had plenty of time to try everything out. The pre-domed drilled & tapped canvas ferrule made replacing the ferrule I had cracked on my break stick so easy. More than worth every penny to have a product that is perfect and ready to go. Also, the Morakami tip is by far the best playing tip I have ever used. I have been using it on my main Predator shooter since I installed it back in May. It holds chalk well and hasn't needed much maintenance. No tip is perfect but some are close, this is that tip.

And last but not least, I installed the Thomas Medium on my backup stick. It is also low maintenance and shoots great. I just had to send a couple of pics of the tip after I installed it. After a good burnish and polish it has to be the best looking tip I have ever used.

Thanks for the great service and quality products.
S. T. Colbert, OK

Try the new Balabushka Chalk with Morakami™ Black Cue Tips for ultimate performance!

If you require the finest glue to ensure a permanent bond that won't pop off then we highly recommend our Cyanoacrylate for tips. It works!

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