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We are no longer carrying Resolute or Nelsonite as we've found a much better, environmentally friendly and much safer wood stabilizer for use on all type wood species.

The following information no longer applies as we've discontinued it.

We are no longer distributing and selling the brand name Nelsonite for wood stabilization. Through the years we have had to tolerate the dangers associated with working with Nelsonite. About 4 years ago, we were told of a company which sold a product that was extremely similar to Nelsonite but much less dangerous. Since finding out about this product we've been experimenting with it and are now confident that it produces the exact same results as Nelsonite but with less danger, less odor and much less cost.

Nelsonite is a mixture of mineral spirits with very high concentration and percentages of Naphtha (that's the smell that makes you sick) as well as other resins and oils. Our Cue Components Resolute™ product contains mineral spirits, a very small amount of Naphtha (hardly any smell unless you stick your nose into it) as well as other resins. The bottom line is that the Naphtha is extremely toxic and dangerous. Since Cue Components Resolute™ contains less of the Naphtha, it is much less toxic and the strong toxic odor produced by Nelsonite is not apparent with our Resolute™ . The results and benefits are the same while being safer and much less expensive.

The best part while being safer and less aromatic than Nelsonite, our Cue Components Resolute™ is about the same price as Nelsonite due to our volume purchasing power. Our Resolute is price is $149.95 for 5 gallons. You cannot beat that price anywhere! If you can, let us know. Don't waste your time as we're the only sellers of Resolute™ .

Yes, Resolute™ can be mixed with Nelsonite to dilute the Nelsonite aroma and eventually you'll be diluted to 100% of our Resolute™ . However, we recommend proper disposal of any Nelsonite for the full benefits of Resolute™ .

Here we are offering 5 gallon sizes of Resolute™ .

Wood stabilization.... is it necessary? Absolutely. We treat all woods with Resolute™ for stabilization and wood preservation to withstand climatic changes. Our stabilization process reduces shrinking of the wood in dry areas and it reduces swelling in humid areas. Building cues in Nevada is quite different than building a cue in Florida. As such, our cues can be shipped all over the world with the same stability and consistency in each area. Many cue makers do not take such precautions. We have seen many cues built in drier areas become stressed out when the end user resides in Michigan and visa-versa.

Here we show our dipping tank which makes dipping shafts and butt sections an easy task. It holds slightly less than one gallon.

The wood should be treated early on so as to allow it to dry. We dip each piece for about 30-60 seconds or so which allows it to penetrate deep to the core. For example, we dip shafts early on when they are about .950 dowels. We then take about 8-10 cuts (over a period of about a year) before they reach our final taper. Even on the last cut we still get the odor of the chemical coming out of the wood during the final cut.

We dip our butt section when largely over-sized and then after all work is done (inlays, rings, etc.); when it's about .010 - .020 out from final cut. Nothing is etched in stone.

Dipping is done in a well ventilated area as the odor permeates everywhere. We do our dipping early in the morning with our garage door open. We then place the wood on a rack to dry. It takes less than an hour to dry but we leave them sitting out for as many hours as we can. We bring them inside just before we are leaving for the day. It will take them approximately a few days to dry out to the core.

If you need something to hold your shafts when dipping them please check this item out.

Resolute™ can be easily brushed on as well using a couple of coats.
Note: We receive many requests from turners who want to stabilize their own woods much like the professional stabilizers who use the acrylics. We read where a wood turner used Resolute™ to successfully impregnate Buckeye Burl and some hardwoods. The turner stated, "Not quite as hard as an acrylic stabilizer but I like it. It produced a nice shine as I sanded up to 600 and applied a simple coat of beeswax and buffed in. I let it sit another hour rebuffed and applied 1 more coat of beeswax. I am very happy with this stabilizer as it penetrates all the way thru with ease on all the burls and hardwoods I tried. I will continue to use. By no means does it compare to commercial stabilization but it's easy to work with and provides good results".

We are no longer carrying Resolute™ or Nelsonite as we've found a much better, environmentally friendly and much safer wood stabilizer for use on all type wood species.

For Wood Stabilization

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