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We've been working and researching for years trying out new things with every imaginable tip combination searching for the ultimate all leather Jump/Break tip. There is a need for a hard leather tip that can actually grab the ball while still maintaining 'cue ball control' for those critical Jump/Break shots. We have created a high quality premium and professional Jump/Break tip that you don't need to be Donald Trump to afford. After much trial, error and testing, Joe Barringer succeeded in creating the finest all leather Jump/Break tip for those of us who don't want to pay $12, $15 or $20 and more for an all leather Jump/Break tip. The result is the 7 layer NitroPro™ Jump/Break Tip that is legal in most formats.

Finally, an all leather Jump/Break tip that offers consistent 'cue ball control'.

* NitroPro™ Tips are not a phenolic tip; they're all genuine leather.

* NitroPro™ Tips are not harmful to balls or equipment as phenolic tips.

* NitroPro™ Tips allow you to jump with english, stop the cue ball and you can even draw.

* NitroPro™ Tips make miss-cues a thing of the past and hold chalk well.

* NitroPro™ Tips shape and scuff easily for fresh chalk adhesion and are long lasting.

* NitroPro™ Tips can be glued on with most epoxies and super glue gels.


Jump/Break Cue Tips


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