Click to enlargeThe Odd Couple

If there was an award for most equipment crammed into the smallest amount of floor space, Chris Nitti would surely win. In fact, Chris says it's kinda like working in a telephone booth. Uh, yep that a pretty accurate statement.

Here we have addicted tool junkie, Paul Drexler installing a new super duper mega high velocity NSK spindle. And Chris (fast becomming a new addicted tool junkie) enjoys his new spindle which almost brings him into the 21st century.

You see, if there's a cheap way for upgrading something, Paul doesn't know it. And, if there's a cheap way to buying something Chris is an expert. I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out how this match was conceived. Anyway, Paul was visiting Florida (can't you tell with that touristy shirt) and so we dropped in on Chris.

Chris agreed to buy the new used spindle from Paul if Paul installed it. And of course Paul, being that cooperating sort of chap, agreed. So, when Paul visted us, he naturally twisted our arm and dragged us to visit Chris' shop way out in Orlando (to Joe, the ride to the local supermarket is "way out".)

Well, Paul installed the new spindle using all the latest techniques and tools such as screw drivers, wrenches and hammers. It was actually a comedy routine working in a small area, hardly being able to bend over and dropping tiny minute parts and having three blind, grown men looking for things (it was actually a butt bump session). Anyway, the thing finally got installed but Paul had to hold the air regulator for the thing to work because there isn't enough room for three grown men to install the thing. We left it up to Chris to find his own regulator holder, so if anyone out there is looking for a job being a regulator holder, please be sure and call Chris at 407-380-6121. He needs someone right away so be sure and call!!

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