Onyx Extreme Cue Tips

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Onyx Extreme™ Cue Tips are a medium cue tip and your best choice when you need extreme control. While there are other tips that appear similar in nature, these Onyx Extreme™ Cue Tips offer you consistent quality, consistent control, excellent chalk adhesion and a value that’s hard to beat.

Made In The USA - Quality Does Matter!

Manufactured from the finest aged leather, it’s softened to meet the critical needs of players who wish to improve their game. Onyx Extreme™ Cue Tips will provide you with a medium hit and control that’s second to none. No black dyes are ever used in Onyx Extreme™ Cue Tips; the leather is all tanned naturally. It’s a slow and painstaking process but the end result is worth every minute.

The third layer up from the bottom is orange so as you warn you when it’s time for a tip replacement. This added feature will make your Onyx Extreme™ Cue Tip different than all the other black cue tips out there. It’s a full 10 layers and the same height as other look-alike cue tips. Each layer is skived to perfection.

Why pay more for other MAP CRAP cue tips when the Onyx Extreme™ Cue Tip is everything you'd expect but without the inflated MAP CRAP price tag.

If you require the finest glue to ensure a permanent bond that won't pop off then we highly recommend our Cyanoacrylate for tips. It works!

For the ultimate combination
try these tips with
Morakami Performance Chalk.

Priced as follows
Per 1-5 @ $10.95 each
Per 6-11 @ $10.50 each
Per 12+ @ $9.95 each

Onyx Extreme™
Cue Tips

Regular Price: $27.95
1 - 5
6 - 11
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