Click to enlargePaul Drexler and Company w/ GiGi

Yeah, he wants them all. Paul pulled a few hundred shafts because he knows who sells the best kiln dried and best quality shaft wood.

This time Paul brought the entire clan (wife and kids). At the same time we had Barry Moore visiting as well. It was a cue makers convention and lovers convention! Read on and you'll see what I mean. Barry came down with his beautiful sister pictured elsewhere on this website. That's always a welcomed visit.

I asked Paul to bring over his son Jeremy because we have little GiGi (nickname) who lives with me as well. It was love at first sight as shown in the photo below. They make a great couple and had a lot of fun hanging out with each other. The two geeks have so many things in common. It's nice to see two good and respectful kids in today's world.

And then Paul, Barry and I relaxed with a little backyard plinking with a few sniper rifles. Yes, Joe has a range set-up in the yard. It makes for a lot of fun and stress relief. A good time was had by all.

Paul with<br>One Of<br>Joe's Toys
Paul With<br>Another One<br>of Joe's Toys
Paul With Yet<br>Another One<br>of Joe's Toys
Paul with
One Of
Joe's Toys

Paul With
Another One
of Joe's Toys

Paul With Yet
Another One
of Joe's Toys

Paul Drexler and Barry Moore
They Found<br>Each Other<br>at Paradise Acres
Paul Drexler and Barry Moore

They Found
Each Other
at Paradise Acres

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