Click to enlargePaul Sumrall

Here a shot of our friend Paul Sumrall from Lubbock Texas. Paul stops in once a year to visit with us while he's visiting his brother who lives nearby. Paul knows where to get the best shafts and the best hospitality. It's always an interesting day when Paul stops by.

We enjoyed Rock Shrimp at the local fish joint, a good beer and then back to the Barringer Compound for a great cigar followed by more beer. We hung around, went out again for more food and beer and then ended up at Waldo's Pool Room in Daytona to round off the evening. Somewhere between all the food and beer, we managed to do some business; I think. :-)

Paul makes a real nice cue and if you'd like to talk to him feel free to call 806-778-1957. And, if you feel like bustin them, tell him you want a cue made out of aluminum with a purple wrap. :-)

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