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We offer the finest Pink Ivory available in 1.5" X 1.5" X 18" pieces. We can also custom cut (up to 18" and sometimes longer) each piece for you so you can purchase Pink Ivory in whatever length you require. Email us as prices are on request.

Remember, you are purchasing the finest Pink Ivory available. Each piece will be vibrant in colour and not the washed out and dull variety usually seen. Just take a look at the photo to your left. Deep, rich red through and through with no flaws what-so-ever. Take a look at our log of Pink Ivory. We purchase most of our woods in log form or large boards; cut it to size, plane it and seal the ends all ourselves. We have found that this is the best method for achieving maximum quality in the woods we use ourselves and resell.

NOTE: We are probably the highest price you'll find but you won't find better. All our pink ivory is superb; period.

18" @ $154.95

Pink Ivory
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