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Ok friends, here it is.

Please read this thoroughly before calling us as I don't want to answer questions that are on this page. At our price, it's the steal of the century. We've taken out all of the thinking about this for you. The price is so good it's doesn't require thinking about it. You either want it or you don't.

This should answer all your questions. It's a great buy for anyone wanting something to do, work with, start a business, have a hobby or just tinker. You can do basic tip, tenon and ferrule replacements as well as shaft refinishing, rewraps, etc. These are the most cost effective and money producing areas of being a cue technician. This is a great self contained unit that is easy to carry all the necessary tools and equipment one needs to do quality repairs. The cabinet is top-notch with two useful drawers that glide with precision.

This unit was purchased new from Mueller in August of 2013 (we have the invoice). That makes it less than a year old. Personally, I don't think it was ever used as it is that new looking. No grease, no glue, no droppings, no shavings, no anything here to distract from its new appearance. We purchased it as used equipment but it's new or as close to new as you can get without buying it new and paying the new price tag of $2,495.

Our price only $1695 (WOW!!) for local pick-up only please, in Daytona Beach area of Florida. You come to us. We do not deliver. If you want us to ship the thing, the price then becomes $1895 (still a bargain!) plus whatever the shipping cost is. These prices are firm. No haggling - well maybe as we want it sold! For complete clarification: if you pick it up bring $1695. If you can't pick it up and want it shipped, then you pay $1895 plus shipping to you. How much is the shipping? Figure under $200. If it's less you pay less and if it's more, you pay more but figuring $200 is a safe bet. If you don't have the money, don't call.

If you have part of the money we will consider monthly installments of 1/3 down, 1/3 in 30 days and the balance 30 days from that.

You can reach us at 386-424-0300

Includes everything you see and can't see:
the whole unit you see
Drill chuck with key
Lathe chuck with key
Face knife
Tip centering tool
Adjustable tip shaper tool
3 pins: 3/8-10, 5/16-14, 5/16-18
1 butt collet
8 shaft collets
X-Y tool post
2 live centers
1 Steady Rest
1 Tip touch
1 sanding block


Porper Mini-Q-Lathe

PorperRegular Price: $2,495.00Sale: $1,895.00

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