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This is a tapping accessory for use on all type lathes. This precision aid assures the same tap alignment as the drilled hole to produce accurate, improved threads and it reduces tap breakage. You'll never get more accurate tapping than with this handy tool.

Ease of Operation: Simply place the tap into the tapper. Then insert the tapper into your chuck on the tail stock. Move the tailstock forward and up to the work piece in the same plane as the drilled hole. No power is necessary as the tool is manufactured for hand tapping. Just apply some inward pressure on the "T" handle while turning to start the tap. As soon as the tapping starts, inward pressure is no longer required.

We have tapped with this tool under low power and it produces accurate and smooth threads. We do not recommend tapping under power for safety reasons. For safety we recommend rotating the chuck by hand.

If you've ever had problems creating accurate threads, this handy tool will resolve that problem. We use about 8 of these for all the different tap sizes which we use on a daily basis. They're really handy, accurate and easy to use. Saves time too! Taps not included.

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Precision Tapping Aid
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