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The first thing we'd like you to do is click on the picture to your left and study the photo. We want you to see if there is anything wrong with the item in the chuck. Study it carefully.

Do you see anything wrong? Just look and see if everything is on center. As you look closely, you'll plainly see that there is more ferrule material on one side of center whereby making the ferrule installation off center. True quality craftsmanship (and yes, we are of course being sarcastic).

This shaft was taken in for repair; we were asked to put a new tip on. While we will put tips on most any cues, we will not work on just any cue. This picture explains why. Cues from overseas usually exhibit some form of poor quality control and this creates more problems for us that the repair is worth. As such we refuse all such repair requests such as rewraps which notoriously spin out of control. To avoid any potential problems we respectfully decline all repairs of imported cues.

To take this one step further, we will not do repairs on any production cues as well. In many instances, this type of construction is typical with many production cue makers. Pumping out quantity for cash profits has resulted in poorer quality in many American production cues. We were recently asked to glue a butt cap that came loose on a very well known production cue. We looked at it and declined the repair because the butt cap did not match up to the butt sleeve properly and when put in the lathe - well, that's another story.

And to take this to the next level, the cue pictured here is from a well know custom cue maker. We were shocked at seeing this but when your name is well known and demand far exceeds a cuemakers capability, the net results are obvious. There is no excuse for this shoddy craftsmanship. It is just as easy to do it correctly as it is to produce this creation.

The moral to this story.... just because you make a cue and cover a mistake does not mean that someone else may not find it out. Take your time and do it right. Do not put this type of quality into the marketplace and if you do, you will be found out. And when you can no longer sell a cue, you'll know why.

Special Note: While we do not like to work on production cues, this is not to say that all production cues suffer from shoddy construction techniques. We will say that we have yet to see a imported cue that spins on center or is not warped. Everyone wants to be a cue maker!

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