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Shaft Dipô is the best solution for shaft and wood stabilization/protection in the market. Forget Nelsonite and Resoluteô ! Shaft Dipô is a water based, very low viscosity liquid that is formulated to deeply penetrate the wood surface/fibers and it's environmentally friendly.

C'mon, this is too good to be true. Is this all possible?! A product that stabilizes and protects the wood, is earth friendly, has full penetration capability, is odorless, colorless and I can apply it with a sponge (with a glove on of course)?

The answer is an unequivocal, YES! And, it strengthens the wood as well.

We put a coat on at a .750 cone and once again at a .575 cone. It maintains the stability and improves the structure. It is colorless (totally transparent) so it will not tone the wood what-so-ever.

Sold only in one gallon jugs for only $62.95 plus shipping. One gallon will treat approximately 1,000+ shafts. That is a fact because we use it ourselves when cutting shafts. Ask yourself this: for pennies per shaft can you afford to not use it?!

Yes, it can be shipped Internationally!!

You can seal all your shafts and as a bonus, you can offer this service out to your clients. You can treat old shafts and new shafts with Shaft Dipô to resist that blue chalk and oxidation. We've seen cue makers charging from between $40 to $50 for a single treatment and $25 for re-treatment of other products. With Shaft Dipô there is no need for a retreatment. It lasts and penetrates deeply.

Wood stabilization.... is it necessary? Absolutely. We now treat all woods with Shaft Dipô for stabilization and wood preservation to withstand climatic changes. Our stabilization process reduces shrinking of the wood in dry areas and it reduces swelling in humid areas. Building cues in Nevada is quite different than building a cue in Florida. As such, our cues can be shipped all over the world with the same stability and consistency in each area. Many cue makers do not take such precautions. We have seen many cues built in drier areas become stressed out when the end user resides in Michigan and visa-versa.

Here we show our dipping tank which makes dipping shafts and butt sections an easy task. It holds slightly less than one gallon.

The wood should be treated early on so as to allow it to dry. We dip each piece for about 30-60 seconds or so which allows it to penetrate deep to the core. For example, we dip shafts early on when they are about .750 cones. We then take about 8-10 cuts (over a period of about a year) before they reach our final taper. We dip our butt section when largely oversized and then after all work is done (inlays, rings, etc.); when it's about .010 - .020 out from final cut. Nothing is etched in stone.

We do our dipping and then place the wood on a rack to dry. It takes just a few minutes to dry.

Shaft Dipô can be easily sponged on as well when dealing only with a few shafts or pieces of wood.

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Shaft Dipô
Wood Stabilization

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