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As many of you are aware, we are liquidating our wood inventory as we are retiring and lightening up our work load. As things are sold-out, we will not be replacing them so order now and $ave. We will still be maintaining all other products and will still be doing business as usual. Thank you.

We are the undisputed leader in sales of shaft wood for pool cues. We buy the most, we sell the most and most importantly we stock the most. Our shaft wood variety and inventory is most probably larger than all of our competitors combined.

The pool cue shaft wood you are buying today will always be at least 1 year old whether you buy squares, rounds or tapered. Our squares and rounds are well over 1 year old and our tapered shafts can be up to 4 years old depending on taper. We don't get our wood in from our supplier and then immediately sell it directly off the pallet. We're selling this years shaft wood deliveries next year. Our inventory is that deep. We do all our doweling in-house and not in the back of a pick-up truck. We are professsional dealers; not fly-by-night quick buck artists looking to make a buck selling to newbie cue makers on the local forums.

Speaking of forums and in response to a few inquiries - there seems to be a lot of predators (not the cue) on these forums who build up a "reputation" and then disappear, go out-of-business or just stick it to the members (buyers). Ask yourself these questions.

1) How long has the seller been in business
2) How long has the seller been dealing in quality shaft wood
3) Is the seller selling lumber turned into shaft wood or professionally prepared and dried shaftwood
4) Does the seller have a web site
5) Does the seller accept credit cards without using paypal (this proves their credit worthiness)
6) Is the seller financially secure to offer an immediate refund or does he need the next sale to refund a previous sale (common on the forums)
7) Will the seller refund your shipping charges for his error or over-grading
8) Forum feedback is worthless as many "great, valued and trusted" members have gone bust
9) Does the seller have an eBay account (this proves credit worthiness too as eBay has requirements to be a seller)
10) Does the seller have a base of operation or are they working out of a pick-up truck or home garage and only have a cell phone and not a business line
11) All the great comments that are reported by the alleged buyers - are they tier 1 cue makers or some local yokels purporting to be experienced cue makers
12) And lastly, all the purported great comments or sellers on these forums - how many posts do they have? You'll find that the more knowledgeable (or those who know all and see all) have very high post count. How can anyone be successful and knowledgeable when they spend their time posting 6, 7 and 10 times a day. Ask yourself that one!
13) And yes, we won't garner any great criticism from this information (surprise) as they're not our customer base; thank God! Besides, few forum members have any funds to buy the quality that real cuemakers need to purchase. How can they have any money when all they do is post messages all day long. If they had customers they wouldn't have time to post. Common sense if you ask me.

None of the above is etched in stone but missing any of the above should wave some flags. Remember it's caveat emptor online and it's CAVEAT EMPTOR dealing with fly-by-nights. Just do some due diligence and exercise good common sense. Thank you.

Our inventory is deep where you'll always get well aged shafts that were turned months ago. You'll never get shafts from us that were turned last week. Our inventory is extremely deep and aged where we can immediately supply shafts in virtually any quantity. Our shaft wood is your shaft wood. We turn them incrementally with a minimum of 45 days between passes. We can do it that way because of the depth of our shaft wood inventory.

There is no one in this business that can provide the quality, quantity and aged wood as we do. Some may say that they are selling aged wood but look at their inventories and that will tell you the tale. We have thousands and thousands hanging around and are more than happy to show you pictures of them. We can draw from that inventory.

And most importantly.... All Shaft wood is available for immediate delivery. We have sufficient back-stock to fill all orders in any quantity range. There is never a 2, 3 or 4 week delay; ever! If there is a delay, you're getting freshly turned shafts.

We supply shafts in 30" lengths which is sufficient to make any shaft for 99.999% of pool players. Most want a standard shaft at 29" and very few want longer shafts on their cues. You'll get an occasional order for a 29.5" and seldom a 30" but these are sufficient to cover any needs. Working with longer shafts will throw off your taper or you'll have to adjust the taper when you cut off the additional length. Working as close to final is always easier and less complicated. We like uncomplicated.

Whether you order 1, 100 or 500 we can ship today!

Straight grain! If you want to see the definition of straight grain, please click on the above picture. These boards which were just jointed, will allow you to see the straight grain pattern. It doesn't get any better than these boards!

We bring in the finest hard maple available; directly from Northern Michigan. Only years of strong relationships can afford us the opportunity to offer out such quality. We bring these pieces in by the pallets several times a year and pass the savings but most importantly - the quality on to you.

Grading is subjective and varies with each persons definitions. We endeavour to grade conservatively and accurately.

If you are ever in our area or reside nearby, feel free to stop by. Be sure to call first so that we can set time aside.

Grade AAA Superb SNO-WHITE: If you require absolutely pefect Sno-White shafts with straight grain and nice growth ring concentration then these are for you. Order a few and see for yourself. Supplies limited.
Grade AAA Superb: These are absolutely Superb shafts with an incredible number of growth rings. These will average 12 - 15+ rings per inch with many in the 18+ rings per inch. These are seldomly seen this nice. In fact, these are like having naturally laminated shafts.
Grade AAA Excellent: These are hard straight grained Canadian maple and suitable for all high end cues. These are clear, straight spine and no grain run-off. These will average 8 to 18+ rings per inch. These are seldomly seen this nice. Exceptional shafts.
Grade AAA: These are straight, white, may contain a slight amount of sugar but these are usually clear, no grain run-off and a beautiful straight spine. These average about 6 -12 or more growth rings per inch. These are strictly for high end cues or low end cues with great shafts.
Grade AA: These are straight, white and a tiny amount of sugar may show (very slight), may have slight grain run-off. These average 6 -12 or more growth rings per inch. Excellent for middle range cues -- excellent value.

Grade A: These are straight, white and/or may be slightly off white, small amounts of sugar may show, slight grain run off and may show a slight wiggle in the grain. These average 6-12 or more growth rings per inch. Great for lower end cues and sneaky petes. These are really nice dowels and will make very nice shafts.

Grade B+: Straight, white to sometimes slightly off white; will show some sugar, may show some grain run-off and/or grain my wiggle. These average 5-10 growth rings per inch but may run higher as we sort for quality. Strictly for lower end cues, repairs and sneaky petes. We grade conservatively and these are better than they sound.

In our opinion shafts should be hung from the business end (ferrules end) so as to allow all the weight of the thicker end to pull the shaft downward. This will allow the shafts to dry and stabilize in a straighter and more natural manner. There are some cue makers who hang them from the thicker end, and we're sure that they have their reasons. Hey if it works for them then I guess it's just fine. However, we process more shafts in one year than all cuemakers will probably process in their career and thick end down works better for us and our clients. That's one reason we receive so many compliments on how many shafts stay straight per 100. There is a method to our madness and it works.

Shaft Cleaner For Cues
Shaft Cleaner For Cues

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