Click to enlargeEconomical Shaft<br>Wood Special

They're real nice shafts!

They will average 5 or so growth rings per inch.

These are 1" X 30" shaft squares, If you want them doweled add $1.00 per shaft

All are rock hard maple, exceptionally clean, straight grained, white and pristine (no figure - just beautiful plain straight grained maple) but there will be run-off.

These will make great shafts for those needing shafts for sneaky-pete's and plain janes or if you just need some shafts.

These are a tremendous bargain at this price and won't last long

Canadian orders welcomed. Email me for shipping costs.

We reserve the right to cancel this offering at anytime and limit 100 shafts per order please.

Economical Shaft Wood Special

SWS4Regular Price: $6.00Sale: $3.99

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