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Shawn "Putz" Putnam Expose

Of course, the adjectives are the opinion of Joe Barringer but all the communications are 100% totally unedited as received and sent.

This is an expose on pool player and moron extraordinaire, Shawn "Putz" Putnam. This guy is a Pompous Ahole.

We sell tips and a lot of billiard stuff to a lot of famous/infamous pros as well as cue makers and repair men throughout the world. We are well known as is our no nonsense, straight forward business approach. Most know of our no BS approach that we don’t back down. We're well known as we tell it like it is and we'll also tell you where to go regardless who the hell you are. And, this clown is one such pinhead to cross our path.

He thinks just because he’s ‘Shawn "Putz" Putnam’, we should bow and his word is almighty. Well guess what Shawn, only your mother thinks you’re ‘special’. No one else other than perhaps the groupies who’ll get down on their knees just to breathe the same air as you do.

Below is the email correspondence from this arrogant and ignorant bastard who is illiterate as well. Just notice how he thinks ‘disappointed’ is spelled and it’s not a typo how he spelled it – “dissapointed”.

Shawn – it’s spelled - disappointed and not “dissapointed”.

You shouldn't use the letter "u" but you should use the word 'you' in emails to business acquaintances. It's unprofessional. We're not texting here and we're certainly not friends.

Also, you don't need to put a space after the last word of a sentence when you're putting an exclamation point.

Additionally, when you email professional communications and as the “professional” that you think you are, you may NOT want to not use the slang word “wanna”.

And buddy, I thought about how I want to “talk to you” as you don’t have my respect. You lost my respect with your first email hiding behind a phony name and not being able to locate your order and talking to me like the moron that you are.

I’m done and now you can read our email communication below, totally unedited.

Here is Shawn’s first email to us. Notice how arrogant, ignorant and unprofessional his ramblings are not to mention how poor his sentence structure is:

From: shawn_s_putnam []
Sent: Thursday, November 9, 2017 5:46 PM
Subject: Super Pro tips

Sorry to inform you that the Super Pro tips I gotseparatingare junk. The layers are separatino and they play like mush.

Dissapointed !

Here is our response to the anonymous Shawn:

-------- Original message -------- From: CueComponents
Date:11/10/2017 8:18 AM (GMT-05:00)
To: 'shawn_s_putnam'
Subject: RE: Super Pro tips

We have no orders from you under “PUTNAM” nor your email address of “”.

So, until you can identify yourself as this is a waste of my time. I have no idea why you need multiple emails or are you hiding from something/someone? Additionally, whoever did the installation is a moron and that’s the reason for the separation; their inability to cut and shape it.

Have a nice day.

Kind regards,


illegitimi non carborundum

Here is Shawn’s response to our reply:

From: shawn_s_putnam []
Sent: Friday, November 10, 2017 8:25 AM
To: CueComponents
Subject: RE: Super Pro tips

First of all this is Professional Pool Player "Shawn Putnam" and owner of Putnam Custom Cues ! So u might wanna think about how you talk to me !

Here is our response to his heinass and yes, we thought about how we’re "talking to you":

-------- Original message -------- From: CueComponents
Date:11/10/2017 8:44 AM (GMT-05:00)
To: 'shawn_s_putnam'
Subject: RE: Super Pro tips


I thought so! And quite frankly, I don’t give a rats ass who you are. I’m Joe Barringer, World Famous and International billiard supplier, cue maker, cue teacher and just all around great guy. Now, since we both have titles, and think we’re both so important -- all that and three bucks will get us on the subway.

Shawn… you asked me how “I might wanna think about talking to you”. That works both ways buddy.

You don’t email a supplier and insult the guy and state that their product is junk and mush.

Now, I’ll explain my position. I buy those tips by the thousands and sell them by the hundreds all over the world. You just ordered these on 11/08/17 so I know what batch they came from which is the current batch I’m selling from. That batch contained almost 10,000 tips and I’m down to my last couple thousand on that batch. In selling that entire batch you are the only complaint we’ve received. We’ve sold them all over the USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Norway, Taiwan, Japan and a host of other countries. Not one single complaint! NOT ONE.

Therefore, whoever did the installation doesn’t know what he’s doing or rushed the job. I understand you like to gamble. Well how about this…. I’ll wager whatever amount you can muster up that I’ll install tip after tip without incident.

The reason for the separation is because you generated too much heat or the blade was not sharp or sanded in excess, burnished in excess or a combination of all of the above.

I know, I know – you know what you’re doing and have been installing tips for 487 years and this is the first time this ever happened to you. Try taking your time on the next one and use a sharp blade.

Kind regards,
illegitimi non carborundum

Here is Shawn’s final email to us:

From: shawn_s_putnam []
Sent: Friday, November 10, 2017 9:11 AM
To: CueComponents
Subject: RE: Super Pro tips

Thanks for the quick response. I'll make sure every cuemaker and friend that I know gets a copy of this letter ! Have a great day...

Shawn! We thought we'd save you the trouble of notifying "every cue maker and friend" as our email notices go out to every cue maker and probably all your friends. Have a fantastic life, you schmuck.

Shawn, you may want to give up your life as a tip installer and stick to playing pool.

There is nothing wrong with the SuperPro Cue Tips we sell and they're a great tip! You're just not as good at installing tips as you thought. But don't worry as it happens to the best of us until we learn how to properly install tips. One day you too will be as good as I am at installing tips.

Oh and one more thing Putz... If you're ever in Florida and near me, stop by (call first as we shoot people around here for trespassing) and I'll show you how it's done; professionally.


We published the above and received a ton of emails supporting what we stated. So much so that it was all rather redundant. It seems our assessment of this guy being a real pompous Ahole is right on. I guess I'm correct about the 'Putz'. And of course we received a few email from his supporters. Like I really care.

"You called this one right, what an ass"!

"Met this douchbag at a tournament once. ABSOLUTE king-sized moron. Wouldn't use one of his cues if it was free".

"Wow how arrogant of him".

"Joe i get along with most everybody but this pompous ass is like human-sandpaper: abrasive as hell".

What is amazing is that he's supposedly a pro and doesn't know how to install tips. Now that's funny!"

"Great story Joe. That should put him in his place for thinking who the heck he is".

"Professional my ass. Makes me real confident in buying one of his cues" Probably made in China with his name on them. If he doesn't know how to install a tip, then how the hell is he making cues".

"I love this story".

"Thank you for making my friday. I read the email about little putznumb and got a laugh at his ignorance. Takes all kinds, but you cant fix stupid, I digress. Hope you're doing well, have a good weekend".

"Putz. Now that's funny and your probably right. Spun it to fast, heated the tip and or not a good blade".

"I have to tell you I think you are the best at giving tip install advise. After install for a year or so I had some Moor tip delaminations and when I wrote to you I got about the same info with a little less enthusiasm. I was a bit put off but then thought since I thought enough of you to have purchased your cue making DVD's I should maybe take your advise under consideration. Well since that day (probably 5 years ago) I have been very careful to follow your instruction regarding over heating and keeping only sharp instruments and cutters on my work bench and lathe I would like to tell you that I have not had a single delamination.

I like doing business with you as there is no nonsense, just great pricing and extraordinary service. Oh yeah these articles also are the best".

Well, I walked in this morning and had hundreds of emails similar to the above. I thought I'd share a few with all of you. They pretty much all say the same thing. Thanks for reading this.

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