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These are one of our best sellers!

That's Big Bad Bob in the drivers seat. He's a maniac and we have to make room. As such, we're looking to blow through these beautiful shafts. Our buying power makes these deals possible. We ARE the source for quality shaft wood. At this special pricing, these are all first grade; no defects, blems or seconds. We're able to offer these prices due to our purchasing power which purchased 20,000 in the past 60 days! We do this every year but this year we're able to offer this incredible price due to the volume we purchased. We only purchase our hard maple in the winter which produces the best maple available. Our shipments arrived and now we need to move some out.

Repeat orders are flowing in. Don't miss out on these as you'll be back for more as many others have already done!

These are all 1" X 30" vacuum dried and straight grained shaft squares. They're nice and white! We're selling these at this low price to blow through them. They are being sold as they run which means you'll get nice white shafts with straight grain but some may have run-off up to 1/4" over the 30" length which is quite acceptable (and quite normal). As we stated, 'as they run'. We're not sorting, we're only selling them as they run. You will not be disappointed as these are running exceptional. Of course we'll cull out the obvious bad ones. You'll be back for more but hurry as this will not last long as we are only selling a limited number. Take advantage NOW while they're being offered. Quality shaft wood is drying up. Our buying power makes these deals available.

We've been asked on numerous occasions if we'll dowel the above shafts. As a service to our clients and friends we'll dowel the same quantity as you order above for a $1 charge per shaft. The only requirement is that you must dowel at least 20 to order this service. Just select 'doweled' from the pull-down menu and then adjust the quantity to a minimum of 20.

Big Bob's Shaft Wood Blow Out!

ShaftSQblowoutRegular Price: $8.00Sale: $6.00

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