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Made in America

There are knock-offs of this cutter out there which are imported from overseas. Ours is made in America. That's the difference in price. If you want to save then buy their cutter but if you want American quality and precision, then this is the cutter for you.

This tool is great for table top lathes such as Porper, Hightower and Unique (taper shaper and their CNC) as well as larger floor lathes and Align-Rite CNC machines. The diameter is 1.25" with a 1/4" shank; incredibly small but with the necessary power. Carbide Tipped!

This is made on a CNC machine and the blades are all in-line with one another. This is a 6 flute router bit for extreme accuracy, smooth cuts and less vibration. You'll get ultra smooth cuts on shafts and butts. The cut is so smooth that it appears as if the finished piece has been sanded and buffed! Exceptionally clean cuts. A must for the serious cue builder.

We use this 6 flute blade on our router when cutting shafts and butts with our 14" X 40" tapering lathe as well as other machines. This is a great cutter!

Unsolicited Testimonial

"I just used my new 6 fluted router blade. This blade is far superior to any other, it's hard to describe the results. The cut is much faster and smoother than anything I have ever used. I want to thank Cue Components for making such a great product available". CS Warsaw, MO

Small Custom 6 Flute
Router Blade & Arbor

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Small 6 Flute Blade onlySmall 6 Flute Blade onlyIf you need a replacement small 6 flute cutter, order here.

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