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Sniper Extreme™ Cue Tips for players who want Sniper quality, Sniper consistency, Sniper playability, Sniper Control and don't want Sniper high prices, we offer you the Sniper Extreme™ Cue Tip! For those of you who require Extreme Performance with a high quality medium tip.

It's taken us 6 months to perfect and manufacture our Sniper Extreme™ Cue Tip. We're certain you'll agree that we achieved our goals at perfection. With a Sniper Extreme™ Cue Tip, you can see the quality, consistency and appearance. You can compare these Sniper Extreme™ Cue Tips to the other KopyKat lookalikes and $ave money buying Sniper Extreme™ Cue Tips.

These Sniper Extreme™ pool cue tips are manufactured with boar hide that is slowly tanned underground without using chemicals. These cue tips do play well and also hold chalk. They will not mushroom and of course they will give you maximum control, consistency and the least amount of deflection.

Sniper Extreme™ Cue Tips -- Extremely Better!

Made In The USA - Quality Does Matter!

Priced as follows:
Per 1-5 @ $7.95 each
Per 6-11 @ $6.95 each
Per 12+ @ $5.95 each

Temporarily sold out; more on the way!

Sniper Extreme™
Cue Tips

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1 - 5
6 - 11
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