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Streaked Ebony Cored Forearms (First Quality)

These are Nigerian Ebony which did not make the grade for full black appeal. I guess in some cases you can call these black enough. They will run from slightly streaked, partially streaked to beautifully streaked. These are, in plain English -- extremely CHEAP at this price.

So, what can you do with these? You can use them as fronts to make a nice streaked ebony cue. We've also heard of cue makers dying them to achieve an overall even black appearance. They're ebony and well worth the price.

Each forearm has been cored with a .750 hard maple dowel for stability. The core runs about 15". The Ebony outer skin runs about 12.75". The taper dimensions are 1.10"/1.30". These are all sound forearms.

We can send you matching butt sleeves. Just put in the comments field of your order to send matching butt sleeves and we'll only charge you an addition $20 for 4 matching butts.

That's $99.99 for 4!

Streaked Ebony Cored Forearms (First Quality)

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