Click to enlargeProper Tip, Tenon<BR>and Ferrule<BR>Installation Techniques

This DVD is a two part DVD set which runs two hours and twenty minutes! We cover everything imaginable with correct installation, facing and finishing proceedures. We also cover business tactics and general conversation about tips, tenons and ferrules. No other DVD is this comprehensive. It even covers common mistakes and how to avoid them. We didn't miss anything and the length proves that! Great photography, great discussion and great detailed techniques shown close-up. You'll be a pro after watching this and following our advice.

If you're looking to just do tenons, tips and ferrules or if you're looking to learn how to build your own cue, then this video is for you. There is nothing else on the market like this video. We'll show you how to properly install a tenon. We'll show you how to properly install a ferrule from threading the tenon to installation. And we'll show you how to properly prepare a tip and install it.

We'll also show you how not to install a tenon, a ferrule and a tip. We'll lay many of the myths to rest and show you many little tricks which you'll never figure out or which will take you years to figure out. We show you how to avoid the glue line between the ferrule and shaft. We show you how to mate the tip and ferrule so that your work lasts for the life of a tip. We'll show you how to properly shape a tip.

We'll show you how to do a quality job with precision and care. Your work will stand out.

Proper Tip, Tenon
and Ferrule
Installation Techniques

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