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A-Hole of the year award goes to Thomas Wayne.

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This is about failed cue maker and has-been Thomas Wayne. Many of us know of Thomas Wayne as that self righteous pompous A-Hole. We all know he thinks more of himself than anyone else and believes he is leagues above the rest of us.

News Flash! He is just one of the few slime ball cue makers in this wonderful profession. He resides in Alaska and it seems obvious that his brain has been affected by frostbite because he truly believes he is the ultimate cue maker, in his own mind of course.

The funny thing is that no one in the business regards him the way he regards himself. We speak with many cue makers throughout the nation and even his so called, 'friends' talk about him behind his back. That's right Tom, even your so-called friends who you sit at roundtables with think you're a pinheaded pompous A-Hole. They laugh at you behind your back. No one really has anything complimentary to say because he epitomizes the term pompous A-Hole. Even your customers laugh behind your back. All they do is give you lip service.

He believes that common courtesy doesn't apply to him. He once kept a cue despite the owners begging to return it but Tom believes he is not accountable. The thief stole it - you can read it here and his arrogant replies.

If you think the above is an isolated example of outright theft, then check out this theft of a shaft and also a cue further down in the thread!

There are other examples of theft and arrogance but this suffices for now.

Next, and to show you what a pompous A-Hole he truly is we have this here for your reading pleasure. It's too lengthy but read the comments and public opinion about Wayne which will provide a good indication of his character or rather flawed character. Nuff said.

The equipment in his shop is cobbled together cheap remnants because he's tighter than a clams ass. He bottom feeds and trolls the local billiard forums offering his services to make or upgrade cue making equipment. You have to ask yourself why would a so-called "renowned" cue maker stoop to such levels and basically beg for business in any way he can get it? Perhaps our infamous Mr. Wayne isn't all that he is cracked up to be - nothing more than a bottom feeding troll.

When one thinks of Thomas Wayne you immediately think of Batman but in his case, you think of nothing more than a slime ball who is lower than whale crap at the bottom of the ocean. You can't bottom feed lower than that.

News Flash!
Should we hide the kids? In case you haven't heard, Tom recently admitted to looking at online photo's of me. He stated and I quote, "...the majority of the photos I've seen of you...", so there were more than one that he was looking at. We don't know why he's looking at online photo's of men and specifically yours truly but it sure is weird. Then again we're talking about TW. Perhaps he's gay and coming out. I don't know but this guy is one strange dude.

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