Click to enlargeTiger<br>MAP CRAP Products

Here are all of the Tiger MAP CRAP Products that we are closing out. These MAP CRAP Products are on sale until we sell out due to Tiger Products attempt at imposing illegal pricing controls on us. They imposed pricing controls on all other distributors, dealers and resellers all of which just happen to go along with controlled pricing because they have no spines.

Remember, Tiger MAP CRAP forces higher prices to everyone and only the manufacturer benefits from these Minimum Advertised Prices (MAP); certainly not you the consumer. MAP CRAP does away with a free market, free enterprise and free pricing. We no longer support Tiger Products because they don't support you. They only support themselves and their pockets.

We DO NOT endorse illegal pricing controls. You will never pay MAP with us but you will with other sellers so be careful and say no to MAP. In fact, just avoid MAP CRAP products.

All pricing is low as we do not endorse Tiger's MAP scheme to set prices higher than would ordinarily be placed on his products. Buy here and never pay MAP or be insulted with any manufacturer imposed or controlled MAP schemes.

Buy now while we still have inventory of these MAP CRAP Products. Once they are gone, you'll have to pay more but we hope you'll find other products by then as no one should support manufacturers who impose price controls on a marketplace.

Non MAP CRAP Pricing as follows:

Emerald Cue Tips $5.95 each
Everest Cue Tips $10.00 each
Sniper Cue Tips $11.00 each
Onyx Cue Tips $13.95 each
Jump/Break Cue Tips as low as $11.00 each
IceBreaker Cue Tips as low as $14.50 each
Soft, Med & Hard Cue Tips as low as $11.00 each
Dynamite Cue Tips as low as $6 each

Tiger Emerald Cue Tips
Tiger Everest Cue Tips
Tiger Sniper Cue Tips
Tiger Emerald Cue Tips

Regular Price: $7.95
Sale: $5.95
Tiger Everest Cue Tips

Regular Price: $19.95
Sale: $10.00
Tiger Sniper Cue Tips

Regular Price: $22.95
Sale: $11.00
Tiger Onyx Cue Tips
Tiger Laminated<br>Cue Tips
Tiger Dynamite Cue Tips
Tiger Onyx Cue Tips

Regular Price: $27.95
Sale: $13.95
Tiger Laminated
Cue Tips

Regular Price: $14.95
Sale: $11.00, 5/$50.00
Tiger Dynamite Cue Tips

Regular Price: $8.95
Sale: $6.00
Tiger Jump/Break<br>Cue Tips
Tiger<br>IceBreaker Cue Tips
Tiger Tip Shaper & Scuffer<br>DISCONTINUED BUT.,.
Tiger Jump/Break
Cue Tips

Regular Price: $19.95
Sale: $12.00, 5/$55.00
IceBreaker Cue Tips

Regular Price: $24.95
Sale: $14.50
Tiger Tip Shaper & Scuffer

Regular Price: $35.95
Sale: $16.95
Tiger Saber-T Ferrules<br>DISCONTINUED
Tiger™ Products<br>MAP CRAP<BR>Shaft Smoother<BR>& Burnisher<br> DISCONTINUED
Tiger Products<br>Leather MAP CRAP Liquid Burnisher 2oz<br>
Tiger Saber-T Ferrules

Regular Price: $5.00
Sale: $2.50
Tiger™ Products
Shaft Smoother
& Burnisher

Regular Price: $9.95
Sale: $3.95
Tiger Products
Leather MAP CRAP Liquid Burnisher 2oz

Regular Price: $12.00
Sale: $7.95
Tiger E-Z Shine<br> MAP CRAP Bees Wax
Tiger MAP CRAP Liquid Burnisher
Le Manifik" <BR>MAP CRAP Ball Cleaner
Tiger E-Z Shine

Regular Price: $5.00
Sale: $2.89
Tiger MAP CRAP Liquid Burnisher

Regular Price: $6.75
Sale: $3.25
Le Manifik"
MAP CRAP Ball Cleaner

Tiger Products<br>MAP CRAP Hard Wax
Tiger Crepe<BR>MAP CRAP<br>Pure Rubber<br>
Protect Leather<br> Water & Stain Shield<br>
Tiger Products

Regular Price: $7.00
Sale: $4.95
Tiger Crepe
Pure Rubber

Regular Price: $8.00
Sale: $4.95
Protect Leather
Water & Stain Shield

Regular Price: $14.95
Sale: $7.95
Master Quick Shine<br>Instant Leather Shine<br>
Angelus Leather Dye
Tiger Stack<br>Leather Wrap
Master Quick Shine
Instant Leather Shine

Regular Price: $19.95
Sale: $10.95
Angelus Leather Dye

Regular Price: $14.75
Sale: $7.00
Tiger Stack
Leather Wrap

Regular Price: $30.00
Sale: $18.95
Tiger Tina Leather<br>Cutting Blade<br>
 Crystal Shaft Cleaner 4 oz.
Tiger Tina Leather
Cutting Blade

Regular Price: $55.00
Sale: $39.95
Crystal Shaft Cleaner 4 oz.

Regular Price: $12.95
Sale: $6.95

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