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This is the all new Tiger Paw Shaper & Scuffer by CueComponents.

The all new Tiger Paw Tip Shaper & Scuffer! This fine billiard cue instrument is an all anodized aluminum body. The Tiger Paw shaper & scuffer is extremely durable and very light weight; less than 4oz and measures 2.5" x 5" and only about a 1/4" in height. It comes with both a dime and nickel shapers. For scuffing and shaping your cue tips, you have both a fine and coarse plates at your disposal. These laser cut plates will last forever and don't need to be replaced. The assembly is well constructed and will last a lifetime.

Now, if you look at the inset picture, you'll see the distributor price list from Tiger Products out of California. As many of you know, we don't get along with this little weasel and his Gestapo tactics nor his Un-American MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) pricing controls. We stopped being a distributor for him when we took a stand against his MAP control pricing. We refused to adhere to his market manipulation. We told him to take his products and shove them up where the sun never shines.

In any event, he sells a very similar product which is supposed to retail for $39.95. As you can see, if you're a distributor, you get the lowest pricing of $18. And, if you're just a lowly dealer then you get to pay him $23 for the same $18 item. What's the difference between distributor and dealer? I have no clue other than you get to pay more for being just a dealer.

Ok, so where am I going with this? Well, you can buy from the Tiger thief or buy from us without all the BS and price controls.

We're selling a very similar item called the Tiger Paw Shaper & Scuffer. It pretty much does the exact same things but at a much more realistic and better price point.

Our price is only $14.95

If you buy 10 or more, you pay only $11.95

You see ladies and gentlemen, Tony at Tiger Rip-Off products would rather gouge you than sell items at fair and realistic pricing. And remember if we can do it, so can the thief but he chooses to rip you off.

Tiger Paw
Shaper & Scuffer

Regular Price: $39.95
1 - 9
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