Click to enlargeUnique Products<BR>Taper Shaper<BR>& Cue Maker Lathe<BR><font color=red>SOLD!!!

These are the actual units we purchased from a client who found cue making not to be for him. We had planned on reselling them but after setting them up and trying them out, we've decided to keep them as we can always use more equipment. The taper shaper comes with a standard taper bar and that's it. We've modified it to duplicate our custom taper so it's proving to be a very useful piece of equipment.

We also decided to keep the Cue Maker Lathe but it's overkill for what we're using it for. We use it to install tips, ferrules and installing new tenons. While it can build a cue, we haven't tried it for that purpose. At our cost which was at a fraction of the new price, we can keep it for what we're using it for.

We still have the inlay machine attachment and haven't done anything with it as we have our own inlay machine and CNC. Perhaps one day we'll offer it out for sale.

At a new cost of almost $10,000 for the Taper Shaper, Cue Maker Lathe and Inlay Machine, they're dyanmite! I don't know if they're worth that kind of money but they do a really fine job.

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