Click to enlargeVeneer Cutter<BR>Table Saw<br><font color=red>SOLD!!</font color>

We are offering this veneer cutting blade with table saw. We'd also sell just the blade and jigs if anyone wants them.

This is our Delta table saw with custom blade. We're able to cut perfect 90 degree slits in our veneers so that our points glue and line up perfectly.

Note: After many trials and errors, this blade was custom made for us by Forrest, one of the finest blade manufacturers in the USA. We went to them for complete accuracy. Anything less will create a mess and not match-up. The angle has to be perfect. Be advised, any look-a-like blade could be designed by Mickey Mouse and work as such. We do not endorse any look-a-likes on the marketplace by any firm selling these within the billiard industry. Caveat Emptor.

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