Click to enlargeThe Veneers Glued Up

The veneers have been glued at a perfect 90 degree angle. We then choose our wood inlay which is the main point wood (ivory, whatever) and glue that in. That is then allowed to dry at least another 24 hours and what you see here is that finished product. You'll note how the veneers are all perfectly matched up with no space or glue lines. This is the perfection we achieve and it is of the utmost importance for structural integrity.

The following is a repeat from the preceeding page:
Ok, now you're saying, this is all great info but what glue can you use to glue up the veneers. Actually, you can use just about anything. You can use white glue, Cyanoacrylate, West System and our own Finishing Epoxy. So which is best? Well, the Cyanoacrylate will dry super fast; the West takes about 24 hours for a full cure and our Finishing Epoxy will dry in about 20-40 minutes. Now, depending on your patience level and how fast you want to use them determines which to use. So, the Cyano is too fast and West is too slow. So, guess which is best. You can use the thin Cyano to glue up the veneers to a 45 degree angle and West to glue in the point wood.

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