Click to enlargeWhite Melamine<br>Tube (Aegis)<br>Joints & Butts

This is also sold as Aegis from another manufacturer. This is a Linen Melamine based thermoset material and is rolled and molded for superior strength. This product bonds well with epoxy, cyanoacrylate and wood glues. It also machines well and the color may vary from soft white to ivory depending on dye lots.

These are thermoset materials which were originally developed as strong, inexpensive alternatives to metals for industrial applications (eg: bushings, washers & insulators,). For these types of industrial applications color and cleanliness is much less critical. We have made excellent arrangements to control the consistency and quality of the products we receive. However, despite these controls there may be an occasional inconsistent area which we all have to chalk up to the cost of doing business when working with these goods.

Made in The USA

Pricing as follows:
.906"od x .625"id @ $17.95 per foot
1.375"od x .750"id @ $34.95 per foot
1.375"od x .750"id x 4' @ only $129.95

You may order 1 foot, two feet or three foot sections. We may, at our discretion ship in 1 foot increments for easy and lower cost shipping. If you require a full 2 or 3 foot section, please advise us and we'll accommodate you.

White Melamine
Tube (Aegis)
Joints & Butts

WhMelTubeRegular Price: $50.00Sale: $9.95


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