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Cue Components Professional Shaft & Wood Sealer available in an easy pour 18oz bottle.

We've all used Cyanoacrylates for sealing wood. While it certainly does a great job, the fumes are extremely toxic.

If you are looking for something safe that does a great job of sealing and finishing, you should try this product.

We use it and are extremely satisfied with the results. You can use it for both sealing and finishing the shaft. When sanded, it gives a nice smooth and glossy surface just like Cyano.

Professional Wood Sealer: It is a water borne, all acrylic system formulated for sealing porous wood surfaces. It's perfect for sealing shafts and all wood surfaces.

This system is UV resistant and resists yellowing as well. The wet film, when applied is milky in appearance but dries fast and clear. This product does not raise the grain.

The professional sealer dries quickly and is extremely easy to sand. It is designed to be applied wet to allow good flow into the substrate thus filling the open grain.

When dry, it is easily sanded and demonstrates good filling properties.

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Professional Shaft & Wood Sealer
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