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Here they are! The all new anti-counterfeit G2 Japan which is a laminated 8 layer pig skin cue tip.

G Japan stands for "grip square" (for those of you who flunked out of math class). You remember the stuff we learned that would never use like 'Pi r squared'. If you knew it would apply to billiards, you would have paid more attention. Har Har.

Why buy G2 Japan when you can buy G2 USA for so much less. Read all about it here.

G2 Japan cut our supplier off because they were selling us tips which we sold below their suggested and inflated Minimum Advertised Pricing or MAP. Screw them! They want to charge you more money and fix prices against the American consumer. Only morons pay full retail so vote them out and don't buy G2 Japan tips because they are greedy and money hungry and don't support a free American marketplace. They want to fix prices against a free marketplace with the cooperation of dealers who put money over principal. These same dealers allow foreign products to dictate pricing in a free American marketplace. It's just not right.

The tips play surprisingly well and are being promoted with much fan fare. They have an exceptional grip and a solid feel.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at how well they play.

These are supplied at 14mm diameter in Soft, Medium and Hard.

Introductory Pricing!
Priced at only:
Per 1 @ $14.95
Per 3 @ $13.95

No MAP Crap Here
We Fight Against Map Crap Products With Low Pricing
You can purchase your products from the high priced sellers or you can purchase these tips from the best known seller. We price these things at wholesale because of our sources, volume purchasing power and desire to pass the savings on to our friends and clients. Remember, we're wholesale to the public. Don't be fooled or let anyone tell you otherwise.

Verify Authenticity
The new G Japan tips now have an anti counterfeiting system. Each tip will come with its own Serial Number scratch off sticker as well as a QR barcode sticker. To verify if your tip is genuine, simply scratch off the Serial Number sticker to reveal your 12 digit Serial Number and either scan the QR code or type it in to access the Authenticity Query website. The Authenticity Query will tell you the diameter, hardness, as well as if it's a genuine G Japan tip or not.

And now something from the, 'it doesn't jive category'. When you click the link above to query your genuine tip, please look at the URL (the address of the website you're on. Notice is shows ""). Now, ask yourself this amazing question. Why on God's green earth do I have to query a web site in China for a tip supposedly manufactured in Japan? That's the first clue. Supposedly, the founder of G2 Japan tips lives in Hong Kong so that's why the web site is hosted in China. Read on...

The company that labels the tips is in China as well. We will now double down and still maintain our stance as knowledgeable sellers and manufacturers of tips and other stuff that G2 Japan tips ARE NOT MADE IN JAPAN! The tips are made in China, printed in China, labeled in China, security strips added in China, boxed in China and sold from China as a Japanese product. Don't be fooled into paying their ridiculous MAP pricing (that link tells about Tiger Products MAP but it applies to all manufacturers who enforce MAP against the consumer).

Why purchase G2 Japan cue tips when you can buy a comparable G3 Cue Tip for so much less! They're a great tip and once on the cue, you'll never be able to tell the difference. They play great! Try some and you'll be convinced too. Yes, our G3's are that good!

Out Of Stock because G2 Japan didn't like us selling them below their suggested and inflated Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) so they cut us off. So, buy G3's & enjoy the savings.

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1 - 2
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