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Click to enlargeKamui Cue Tips Anyone?

Available Kamui Cue Tips - Here we review Kamui Tips.

Super Soft, Soft, Medium & Hard in Black, Original, Brown and Kamui Clear cue tip.

Why buy Kamui Cue Tips when you can buy Morakami Cue Tips for so much less. Read all about it here.

Kamui Cue Tips are priced with MAP or Minimum Advertised Pricing which screws the consumer into paying an inflated price and not a free marketplace price. It voids out competition!

They want to charge you more money and fix prices against the American consumer. Only morons pay full retail so vote them out and don't buy Kamui tips because they are greedy, money hungry and don't support a free American marketplace. They want to fix prices against a free marketplace with the cooperation of dealers who put money over principal. These same dealers allow foreign products to dictate pricing in a free American marketplace. It's just not right.

Kamui Cue Tips = Price restraints, fixed pricing, Kamui Police and money laundering?

Here you can view how Kamui tips don't really perform using their own video!

Kamui cue tips and reviews - The above video of a Kamui Cue Tip is proof from the manufacturer, Kamui Tips own promotions and reviews proving that Kamui cue tips glaze over and look how badly (click on the Kamui tip picture and see how badly glazed over that Kamui tip really is)! To circumvent this problem, construction deficiency, inferiority or whatever you want to call it, Kamui came up with a "gator grip" which is nothing more than a high end scuffer which they blatantly insist that all resellers price according to MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) from $35 to $50 each depending on Kamui brown or black scuffer. If the tip was properly manufactured(?), it wouldn't need a gator grip. CueComponents sells a similar product for much less called Gator Shaper which we sell for a low price of only $8.95 to $13.95 depending on quantity. Try one as it a great tool!

Only in America can you import a product which may be inferior and sell a contraption for $35 to $50 to fix the problem which shouldn't be a problem or issue in the first place.
Please purchase a Kamui Cue Tip and when you start miss cueing and the tip glazes over needing constant maintenance, then rip it off and come to appreciate a Morakami™ Cue Tip - the way a cue tip is supposed to react and play.

Here is a video giving you an in depth presentation of Kamui Krap.

Morakami™ Black Cue Tips
Morakami™ Pool Cue Tips are engineered for maximum performance. Why pay more when you can buy the best for less at Cue Components.

Morakami™ Cue Tips are available in:
Super Soft (SS)
Soft (S)
Medium (M)
Hard (H)
The Morakami™ Black Cue Tip

Morakami™ also manufacturers a brown cue tip that plays incredibly well; in fact just like the old Moori's.
Try a Morakami™ Brown Cue Tip today!

And be sure to try Morakami™ Black Clear Cue Tips

If you want a pool cue tip that is every bit as good and better. If you want a cue tip whose price is not controlled and manipulated. If you want a cue tip that is genuinely honest and not looking to hype the market to extremes, then look to American Eagle & Raptor Performance Cue Tips!

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American Eagle Performance Brown & Black Cue Tips

American RAPTOR Black Cue Tips

Below we have listed all reputable outlets to buy Kamui Krap Tips with price fixing controls. These price controls or restraints don't allow for a free marketplace. When you click on all the links below, all sellers are selling these tips for around the very same price. Does that sound normal? Does that sound American? Does that sound like a free marketplace? Of course not, so keep that in mind when buying and supporting Kamui Krap tips.

eBay - Click This Link To See Everyone Trying To Sell The Same Products & All At The Same Prices; It's Comical! Morons trying to compete all with the same pricing. Schmucks!

This is the only importer for the USA so you're stuck with this worthless POS who is not only clueless but broke and anti-American Free Marketplace

The #1 Thief Himself In Asia Who Sells Kamui Krap Into The USA Market With UnAmerican Price Controls.

Pool Dawg
Ozone Billiards
Billiard Warehouse
Billiard Factory
American Billiards
Leading & Clueless A-Holes In The Billiard Industry
The Second Leading & Clueless A-Holes In The Billiard Industry

Kamui Cue Tips Anyone?

First of all we'd like to say that we tried to negotiate and sell Kamui Cue Tips many, many moons ago. However, after long negotiations and too much indecisiveness (Kamui's owner should have been a woman) as well as way too many restraints, terms and conditions, we decided it was in our best interest and the interest of our clients to stick with a tried and proven winner such as Moori, Morakami™, American Eagle, American Raptor, Sharp Shooter, Thomas and Tiger Cue Tips..

We will never succumb to the pressure of any manufacturer to illegally price-fix any products we sell. This is a free country and a free market. Kamui can take their illegal MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) program and put it where the sun never shines. The pinheads who sell Kamui Cue Tips at MAP pricing are all committing an illegal activity and partaking in a global conspiracy to fix prices whereas charging the consumer unnecessary inflated prices. Some actually like the MAP policy because they can earn more profits from gouging the consumer. That's why the prices for Kamui Cue Tips are so much higher than any other tip on the market. Additionally, what you are about to read in the following paragraphs was the real clincher why we chose to not handle Kamui Cue Tips.

There will be a few pinheads out there that will disagree with us on this topic and that's fine as we all have our own opinion. However, MAP pricing is illegal and counter-productive. Let's say it this way. What do you think would happen if Exxon, Chevron, Hess or BP told all their retailers they had to advertise a gallon of gas for a minimum advertised price? End of conversation and thank you very much.

I don't know about you but I am sick and tired of manufacturers telling us where and how we can sell merchandise that we promote and buy from them. This is America and no manufacturer is going to tell us how and when to sell our products. Being an American, it's sad that the owner of Kamui Cue Tips is able to control the American marketplace; imagine that!

We did our very best to try and work with Kamui but there are just too many restraints, production problems with supplies for us and interestingly enough, a money laundering investigation. Kamui is currently under "inspection of the tax department" in Japan. This "inspection" according to Kamui Cue Tips may take quite sometime and they are trying to prove that they are not laundering money or as he stated it, "to prove that is not "the money laundering". That put the kibosh on it for us on dealing with Kamui Cue Tips as we don't need to be associated with anyone under 'inspection' or investigation (as it's called in the USA) for laundering money especially in today's world with terrorists lurking and our own Feds sometimes having nothing better to do as I can certainly attest to. I know, I have a great sense of humor. The truth is, Governments cooperate and if there is a money laundering investigation in Japan, rest assured it's being watched here by Homeland Security. I speak from experience with dealing with our Government and Governments don't investigate unless there is a reason, justified or not.

In the past, we have held steadfastly against selling Kamui Cue Tips for several reasons. The most important reason is that we will not support any product where the manufacturer imposes price restraints against a free market. This is the very case with Kamui Cue Tips. If we buy their products, we have to agree to manipulate the market and impose a fixed 'minimum advertised price' (aka MAP policy) and we want no part of price fixing which is an illegal activity. If we agree to their price fixing and then decide to sell them competitively, they'll cut us off or whack us and they won't sell to us. One has to wonder if that would qualify as extortion?

This type of marketing creates a false market for the product and hurts the consumer whereas it forces the consumer into paying inflated higher prices and takes away the competitive edge. MAP policies are dead against a free enterprise system where competition dominates the marketplace. The best part is how does someone come to this country to market their tips and then impose price restraints. I'm sorry, this is America and if you want to sell here then sell in the free enterprise American system.

We find absolutely no reason to take on a falsely manipulated and marketed tip with so many other fine tips out there such as Morakami™ Tips, American Eagle Performance Brown Tips, American Eagle Performance Black Tips, Moori Tips, American RAPTOR Brown & Black Cue Tips, Thomas Tips, Tiger Sniper Cue Tips, Onyx Tips, Tiger Everest Cue Tips and even Wizard Tips. These are a few manufacturers who participate selling a quality product and are not afraid of a free market system because their product can hold it's own.

Morakami™, Moori, Thomas Tips, American Eagle, American Raptor, Sharp Shooter and Tiger Sniper Cue Tips are the finest tips made and all allow for free marketing. Sellers make a fair and reasonable profit, the consumer gets competitive pricing and the tips have gained international recognition and esteem. Kamui, through price fixing is trying to create a false market of a higher price where they want people to think that because it's a higher priced tip, it must be the best. There are mixed reports on the quality; some like them and some don't. However, everyone likes a Moori. There is no need for a Kamui, Kamowee or any other tips when Moori and many other fine tips are so readily available at competitive free market pricing. As an aside, you'll always notice that all other tips are always compared to Moori. They're simply the best; it's that simple.

Understand this... Kamui Cue Tips are priced higher because of price fixing, price manipulation, MAP and their sequential numbering system to track sales which equates to higher manufacturing costs. You the consumer is paying for all this. You're paying higher prices because Kamui Japan wants total control and for his serial numbering system that does nothing for you, the consumer.

How do these manufacturers make a market in this country with their products and allowed to impose their manipulative ways? The term 'dumb American businessmen' comes to mind. Some people will sell their souls to the devil to make a buck. We'd prefer to stick to good old American values and American tradition of a free enterprise system. No price manipulation here at Cue Components.

As an aside, do you know why many repair shops are pushing Kamui? It's not because it's a better tip but because there is more profit in it for them!

Additionally, if we were to buy from their "USA Distributor" (sic), which we would never do as he is not well-heeled enough to handle the orders we would place. We would be forced to loan him our money to buy our tips in order to sell them to us; so there would be a waiting period. This is no way to do business. The manufacturer should give the distributor an open line of credit so they can supply the product but it appears that hasn't happened and probably rightfully so as the manufacturer wants to get paid. We don't like the idea of prepaying or loaning our money to a distributor so that they can buy the product and then make their money on our money. And then there's another issue of what happens if something should happen to the 'one man show' USA distributor; how do we get our money back? We're not talking a few hundred dollars here; we're talking almost 10 to 20 large. Bottom-line, their "USA Distributor" is a brokester and doesn't have the funds to support a USA distributorship. In fact, their entire USA marketing should be taught at the Wharton Business School; 'how not to market your product 101'. While I'm no Einstein, I can certainly support and supply the products we sell in any quantity with our own money. Why would anyone want a "distributor" that can't support the market that the manufacturer is trying to penetrate! (that's a statement and not a question).

With Moori being the #1 tips throughout the world, do we really need a Kamui? After all, nothing plays like a Moori and while produced in Japan, Moori doesn't impose ridiculous price restraints, price fixing and most importantly, there's no Moori Police! We're free to sell across any borders. And we can buy directly from Japan or anyone, anywhere and Moori doesn't cut us off. More importantly, we can sell to anyone, anywhere in the world. The unfortunate thing is that one of Moori's USA Distributor's has no backbone or spine and has capitulated (that's the perfect word) to Kamui's price fixing strategy. No doubt Kamui runs their business too. It's a sad fact, the USA Distributor's name once signified American strength but alas that's not so with today's butt kissing and price fixing management in place.

Now, if you live in a communist country or have been living under a rock for the last 20 years or you are a simpleton and don't believe what we're saying here then maybe this will convince you. MAP policies are price restraints and there is a wide spread price-fixing consortium throughout the world selling Kamui Tips.

Are you ready for this.... If we sold Kamui Tips our sale price per tip would be $9 and don't let anyone tell you otherwise that we couldn't do it because we could. Don't listen to the Kamui Police or anyone else because we know what we're talking about. If we sold Kamui Tips for $9, prices would come down from the inflated price fixing structure and would offer you, the consumer a competitively priced product. We know the wholesale pricing structure of Kamui and Kamui is fixing prices worldwide. Look around and you'll see that everyone selling Kamui Tips are all selling them for around the same price. You think that's normal and a coincidence? If you do, I have a bridge I'd like to sell to you; real cheap too!

The Kamui Gestapo Type Serial Numbers
& the Kamui Police?

Kamui states that they use the serial numbers for, "the process of quality control tracking" and with "quality control tracking Kamui can trace back what temperature, humidity, material and craftsman in charge per manufacturing lot". The only truth to that statement is the one word, "tracking". The truth of the matter is that the American consumer is paying for the costly method of sequentially numbering each tip so that Kamui can control the distribution and whack off any reseller who isn't cooperating with towing the Kamui Company line. So, you - the American consumer is paying inflated prices due to price control, price fixing, market manipulation and the added bonus of serial numbers to track who sells what and where. And some wonder why throughout the world we're known as dumb Americans. The real truth of the matter is that the costly serial numbering system is for tracking what distributors are selling Kamui tips and where they're selling them. These serial numbers are for the benefit of the manufacturer and the protection of the manufacturer in tracking and enforcing manipulative methods to merchandise their tips.

I don't know about you but no distributor or reseller has to be under the gun like that. Their chief and lead investigator otherwise known in the trade as the 'Kamui Police' is their own USA distributor who has more time on his hands than he knows what to do with. It's sad that an American citizen cooperates with such un-American marketing, price fixing and manipulative marketing methods. We kid you not, this self appointed 'Kamui Police' has taken it upon himself to enforce Kamui's (what we like to term) illegal activities in the USA. I kid you not. He goes around ordering tips and then, through the Kamui serial numbering system tracks it back to who sold them to who. This is hard to believe but it's happening.

Kamui Japan is trying to micro manage his empire and maintain such control that it's stifling and frustrating many USA consumers and distributors. Kamui Japan is trying to make certain that he's in control of every penny throughout the world. They should be concentrating on selling tips and not the marketing down to the last consumer.

Kamui tips anyone? They're just un-American?

If we were able to sell Kamui Tips without their policies of price restraints, price fixing and their MAP policy, we would be able to bring you, the consumer, a Kamui Tip priced as follows. But because Kamui fixes prices you are forced to deal with paying inflated and illegally fixed pricing.

Our pricing below is to show you how much this illegal price-fixing activity is costing you the consumer. While we're not selling any Kamui Tips we know the wholesale pricing structure and we'd be able to sell them for the following prices.

Email Masato at Kamui Tips and tell him you don't approve of their illegal worldwide price manipulation, price fixing and MAP policies and want a free market to dictate the prices of Kamui Tips. Tell Masato where you read it. He likes us.

Kamui Tips are out-of-stock. Read the above if you want to know why.

The preceding has been one mans opinion & inside experience.

Kamui Cue Tip, Kamui Black Cue Tip, Kamui Clear Cue Tip, Kamui Original Cue Tip, Kamui Brown Cue Tip, Kamui Cue Tips, Kamui Black Cue Tips, Kamui Clear Cue Tips, Kamui Original Cue Tips, Kamui Brown Cue Tip with or without a review, please read the following review:

Kamui Cue Tips Anyone?
Kamui Cue TipsRegular Price: $25.00Sale: $11.00
Super Soft: 

Kamui Tip UPDATE
Here's the Kamui wholesale pricing direct from Kamui. Distributors (like Bertone) are getting them for less. If you're paying more, we're willing to wager that you are, then you're getting screwed. No surprise there.

8,The price of KAMUI tips. The price of KAMUI tips are 700 yen ($8.41) for each piece and 750 yen ($9.02) for each piece for KAMUI BLACK, no volume discount is available. The distributor shall bear the all expense such as the freight and bank commission on the transaction.

And here's a couple unsolicited email....

I was reading your article re Kamui price fixing.

I just read your section on Kamui tips and I wanted to thank you for your well thought out and rational argument. Although I do not have a need for your services or product at this time, if in the future should I need them I would not hesitate to call you. It is nice to know that even in today’s day and age that there are still people who put principle and integrity above the all mighty dollar. I have used Moori tips exclusively for the last 10 years without issue but was wanting to try a Kamui until I read your assessment. Thanks again for solidifying the Constitution with a single man’s opinion……freedom of speech.... free market.... freedom of choice all equal a free USA.

I was at a VNEA tournament in Edmonton Alt a couple of weeks ago. Grace Nakamura who is the Kamui, Canadian Eastern distributor was going to be there vending. I mailed her and asked for her to bring me a handful of assorted Kamuis. When I ran into her, the story I got was exactly as you said. The serial numbers are not on there for quality control purposes. They are on there for the specific reason to keep the tips in one area. If anyone gets caught underselling, they can track the distribiutor down, simple as that. Of course, you already knew that.

As far as John Bertone is concerned, I wouldn't 'P' on him if he was on fire. I got ahold of him to inquire as to become a Canadian distributor. Apparently there already is a distributor one province away from me so that was out of the question, although he did tell me that he would have the distributor (Joel) get ahold of me. Apparently, Joel was told to sell me tips for the same price as as distibutor gets. When Joel sent me the prices, they were, $11.50 for the brown and $13.50 for the blacks.

I got back to John and mentioned that I seriously doubted that those prices were actual distributor prices that I was offered. I asked him why would I pay those prices when I can get a Moori for $9 and pass the saving onto my customers. He said I should be charging $50 to $55 per install for a Kamui to make up for it. I said there isn't a player in my city that would pay $50 for a tip and why would I absorb a $4.50 loss on a tip when I can install a Moori for $35 or $40. I told him that instead of pushing Kamuis, which I am quite capable of putting a Kamui on every players cue in my city, instead all the players will be using either a Moori or a Tiger product.

I've read his inarticualte posts on AZ defending Kamui tips and the guy is absolutely shooting himself in the foot. Not a good business man by any means.

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