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Genuine Moori® Cue Tips are still available through reputable sources. These are the new Moori® IV's currently available. We stock them in Soft, Medium and Quick (hard). Order your Genuine Moori® Cue Tips today! Still made in and imported from Japan.

You can buy Genuine Moori from us here: Genuine Moori at money saving prices. Check them out!

Bottom-line - Moori® III's were 9 layers. The new current genuine Moori® IV tips are 8 layers and therefore the Moori® IV designation. If anyone is currently selling you 9 layer Moori® - they're fakes!
Read about the new fake(?)
Bozo Moori Billiard Cue Tips!

First, Genuine Moori® -vs- Fake Moori
We've posted a picture of the genuine Moori® next to the fake Moori. For comparison please note that the packaging on the left while similar, there are differences worth noting: the green package lettering is a slightly different shade and more pronounced or bolder on the fakes while the foil dots or indentations are more pronounced on the genuine Moori®.

The fakes are darker in color and taller while the genuine Moori® are a softer tone and less thick. The tips shown on the left here are actually fake Moori III's.

Current fake Moori being offered are 9 layers!

Current Genuine Moori® IV are 8 layers!

The hologram shows differently using the hologram decoder tool (which all reputable distributors possess). On the genuine packaging, the hologram changes image while on the fakes it's just a clear sticker that shows just one color and one image. This hologram appears on the foil backing and is located in the center of every 4 tips.

Additionally, the holograms also show the words, GENUINE, AUTHENTIC AND SECURE on each hologram. You will need a 10 power magnifying glass to discern these words while holding them at different angles.

The latest Moori have the hologram on the opposite side as shown below.

See below:

 photo hologram.jpg

 photo 746d5488-c16d-47c7-9002-95a32b970bcf.jpg

The following hologram is an example of the fake hologram; notice no wording? A definite sign of a fake hologram and therefore a fake Moori. It's basically a clear sticker.
 photo MooriHolo3.jpg

The fakes are approximately .707mm tall while the genuine Moori are approximately .628mm tall.

Update: Moori now manufactures a black cue tip call the Moori Jewel. Anything else is fake.


In mid 2015 Moori changed their logo to the one below.

 photo 3051f5b3-d6fb-47f5-86e0-f215461f3fb3.jpg

Your best defense is buying from reputable distributors such as CueComponents or other reputable sources. Remember, we guarantee you a genuine product all the time.

In the meantime, read the following story of how slimy resellers can't compete so they denigrate a perfectly great product for their own enlightened self interest.

One Man's Opinion
By Joe Barringer

Desperate People Do Desperate Things

Genuine Moori Tips are available despite the following ridiculous statement made by that sleezy Skokie Company, ‘Moori® is no longer in production. These (their last few tips) are not Chinese knockoffs being sold out of Japan. We purchased these direct from Mr. Moori®.’

OK, ladies & gentlemen...
The above was a statement made by those Skokie Clowns in 2013. As of today February 6, 2014 the Skokie Clowns changed it to the following statement: "There are almost no more real original Moori® Tips in the USA! No matter what anyone says! Mr. Moori is alive and well (they previously claimed he passed on), but no longer in large production. He only produces very small amounts of tips today. Mostly fake Moori tips are currently available in the USA marketplace at this time, so beware. The packaging is identical. There is also no such thing as a Moori Black Tip, or the Moori® 4. These are 100 percent Fake!"

Just as the Moori® I's were replaced by Moori® II's and the Moori® II's were replaced by the Moori® III's, the Moori® III's were replaced and currently available as Moori® IV's.

And now we continue with our statement...
So, now as you can clearly see for yourself that the Skokie Clowns went from Mr. Moori "no longer" in production to "no longer being in large production". Make up your minds pinheads! You originally stated that he passed on. Now you state that he is still in production but in a limited manner. Well what took a year to come to this revelation?! Did he go into limited production before he passed on or after? Was he producing larger quantities before he passed on? Then why didn't you clowns get them if you know all this. The answer is because you clowns are idiots and liars. What a bunch of goofballs!

What we find amazing is that this highly unregarded company had the audacity to once claim themselves as the ‘Official North American Distributor’ when no such title ever existed. Pompous A$$holes anyone? Anyway, getting back to the real story. Has anyone noticed that they’re still trying to sell their last few Quick Moori® tips and have been trying to do so for the last 5 months! We go through boxes of quick on a daily basis; what could possibly be taking them so long to liquidate?

The Skokie clowns finally sold out of their Moori® Quicks after 6 long months. Amazing how long it took the self-proclaimed NA Distributors to sell out. If it took us that long, we'd be out-of-business.

Ok, so previously they were trying to tell us that all current Moori® tips are made in China and being sold out of Japan. I call foul. Prove it. We are willing to wager $5,000.00 that you’re lying. That’s right, we’re calling you liars. Prove us wrong and you can have the $5,000.00. If that’s not enough to pique your interest, we can go to $10,000.00 and well, if that isn’t enough’.

Here’s the challenge. You bring with you one of your last boxes of genuine Moori® tips and we’ll compare them to our current Genuine Moori® tips. And, then you bring us a box of these so called ‘Chinese knockoff’s’ and we’ll compare them to the genuine article. Just as a point of information gentlemen we’ll test your genuine Moori® against our genuine Moori® tips with your decoder which you supplied to us 3 years ago and with the new decoder of today just to keep things honest. We'll also compare visual and other characteristics as well.

One further note worth mentioning is’. Since Mr. Moori doesn’t deal with anyone such as you and me, we would also pay you an additional $1,000.00 if you show us an original Mr. Moori invoice (that you claimed you had) and the paid check or wire transfer directly to him. We don’t believe this document exists and is more fabrication on your part. Prove us wrong, come take our money you flaming liars.

Oh and just by some remote chance that we win. Make our check payable to the Wounded Warrior Project. Are you up for the challenge? We can meet at our attorney’s office in Daytona or Jacksonville and have an appointed arbitrator mediate the whole affair. So, let’s get it on gentlemen and close this chapter in your fictional story. Put up or shut up.

And, this offer is also extended to our friends at Cue & Case who also choose to toe the fictional line of the chief charlatans.

Let’s go gentlemen, put up and shut me up. Let’s do it and resolve this fabrication once and for all to see.

Don't hold your breath people as this is just a take-off of corrupt Illinois lying politics reaching down into the business community. They think we're all stupid.

We'll even go one step further.... if you can prove us wrong, we'll pay you the wager, all your expenses to and from and kiss your ass in front of Macy's window too.

C'mon guys, here's your opportunity to call Joe Barringer out. Let's get it on.

Final Anylasis...
Moori® have long been the #1 cue tip in the marketplace and still to this day they are the #1 tip in the marketplace. The profit margin from Japan to here on a wholesale basis is only a couple dollars per tip. This has always held true with Moori® tips. The wholesale/retail spread is marginal at best because it's a free market item and they do not impose any MAP (minimum advertised price) restraints.

Fast forward to current times...
Kamui tip has created a controlled marketplace where the pricing structure is manipulated. Distributor pricing to wholesale is around $5 profit a tip and wholesale to full retail profit is $8 to $10 per tip. Do the math and do you see where we are going with this. The powers that be are trying to denigrate the largest competitor (Moori) to further control, manipulate and secure larger profits for themselves while filling the void with a more profitable yet lower quality product.

Don't believe us? Then, why would a large Skokie Distributor go to such lengths to denigrate a product that they can no longer control and obtain! Since when did they become such vocal opponents and proponents in this business? We have always held that title as the #1 vocal proponents in this hobby, sport and trade.

Do you really believe they are denigrating this product because they want to warn the public and have now become public service announcers. Highly doubtful.

What a bunch of Bozo’s.

And just when you though they couldn't go any lower, the Bozo's have reached a new low. Here is their latest attempt at manufacturing Bozo Moori Tips!

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