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Onyx Cue Tips - we have the lowest pricing as low as $16.95 each! These tips receive OK reviews as well. Onyx cue tips are manufactured with similar bore hides as Tiger Sniper Cue Tips. Tiger Products ages the hides with their mysterious secret process which turns the layers of hide black without using a black dye. Supposedly the process is time consuming. While aging the leather, the process also softens the leather so as to produce a medium hardness. These Tiger Onyx Cue Tips are easy to maintain and shape easier during installation and repairs. The manufacturer states that Onyx tips are one of the most consistent tips our there but what else do you expect a manufacturer to say? Tiger Products states that they will produce only a limited number per year but we have never been denied access or supplies. In fact, we have not heard anyone else being shorted any of these tips so we believe this is just Tiger Products hype.

Tiger Products states that this new look for their Onyx tips was requested by the players. We asked around and couldn't find one player who wrote Tiger Products to manufacture this tip with a different color layer. Kind of ridiculous to think the players asked for this change. Tiger Products did it to make their tip look different from all the other black tips on the market. Supposedly the different color layer warns you when the tip needs to be replaced. I don't know about you but I am perfectly capable of deciding when to change my tip and I don't need a manufacturer telling me so they can sell more tips.

Hardness: Medium (3+) Tiger Durometer (Type A): 95 Mueller Durometer (Type B/C): 73-76

Diameter: 14mm only Tips per box: 12 each

Tips are sold individually! All prices shown are for individual tips. Installation: Glue from the embossed initial side

For the ultimate combination
try these tips with
Morakami Performance Chalk.

If you require the finest glue to ensure a permanent bond that won't pop off then we highly recommend our Cyanoacrylate for tips. It works!

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A Word About Pricing

Thus far 36 Attorney Generals are against MAP and we expect this unfair marketing and pricing to be eventually challenged in the courts. It�s just a matter of time or until enough consumers get disgusted of these practices.

What the heck is MAP and why should you be concerned? Manufacturers in their quest to be able to sell to the lowest common denominator (the smallest dealer) need to protect their smaller dealers by a sort of price-fixing structure so that they can compete in the marketplace. In-other-words, they should be afforded the same competitive opportunity by buying their one box of tips as us when we place $25k orders. Sounds real fair doesn't it! Basically, manufacturers want to allow as many of these so-called dealers to purchase their products for maximum manufacturer sales and profits with a total disregard to their largest supporters or free competition.

We believe this MAP or price-fixing structure is detrimental to the marketplace and especially the consumer. It creates a false market and does not allow for free competition. We support the manufacturer with our hard earned dollars and a free market allows us to resell that product at any price we see fit. As such, we choose to not participate in any deceptive method of conducting business.

Additionally, this MAP requires all resellers to fix their pricing at full MSRP or a pre-selected and manufacturer approved discounted advertised pricing. In the case of Tiger products, this �approved� discount is 15% off MSRP. Just check around and you'll find that all these items are all priced at the very same pricing by every reseller out there. What are the odds at a free market pricing all these items at the very same pricing! Zero, Zippo, Nada! MAP is not free competition. And, the USA was built on free competition. We are upholding that thought.

So, what the heck is the point to all this Joe? We are obviously the lowest price around. We do not participate in any manufacturer retail or wholesale price controls and you should accept nothing less. CueComponents your low price leader!

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1 or 100 @ $16.95 each!

How's that for non-MAP cooperation!

Why purchase Onyx Cue Tips when you can buy a comparable Onyx Extreme Cue Tip for so much less! They're a great tip and once on the cue, you'll never be able to tell the difference. They play great! Try some and you'll be convinced too. Yes, our Onyx Extreme's are that good!

Onyx Cue Tips
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