Pool Cue Rods & Tubes

All products are Proudly Made In The USA!

We are offering the finest white, natural (brown) and black phenolics in the industry. Our white melamine tube is pure white and very clean; no problems or stories.

Our twice black phenolic is just that: black and Made in the USA.

Our Ivorite Melamine ferrules are known the world over as the finest ferrule material available due to its consistency, uniformity and unequaled performance.

And last is our melamine rods and tube which is the newest, latest and greatest in demand product for ferrule use. Of course all our prices are the lowest available.

If you find a lower price, let us know. In fact, don't waste your time as we are the lowest price you'll find for all this material. (Low margins, higher volume = lower pricing for you!)

All products are Made In The USA.

NEW NEW NEW<BR>Infinity Jet Black Phenolic®
Ivorite-III™ <BR>aka Aegis<br>Solid Melamine<br>Ferrule Rods
Infinity Jet Black Phenolic®

Regular Price: $30.00
Sale: $15.00
aka Aegis
Solid Melamine
Ferrule Rods

Regular Price: $35.00
Sale: $25.99, 2/$51.75, 3/$77.00
Ivorite-III™ <BR>Solid Melamine Ferrules
Micarta Ferrule Rods
Solid Melamine Ferrules

Regular Price: $3.50
Sale: $2.95, 10/$28.95, 20/$56.00
Micarta Ferrule Rods

Regular Price: $50.00
Sale: $35.00, 4/$99.95
Micarta Ferrules Solid
Micarta Ferrule Tube
Micarta Ferrules Solid

Regular Price: $4.00
Sale: $3.25, 10/$30.00, 20/$55.00
Micarta Ferrule Tube

Regular Price: $55.00
Sale: $37.50, 3/$79.95
Micarta Ferrule Tube
Ivorine 3®<br>Ferrule Rods Tube
Micarta Ferrule Tube

Regular Price: $7.00
Sale: $5.00, 10/$45.00, 20/$80.00
Ivorine 3®
Ferrule Rods Tube

Regular Price: $50.00
Sale: $26.95, 2/$49.00, 3/$69.00
Ivorine 3®<br>Ferrule Tubes
Meucci Ferrule Rods
Ivorine 3®
Ferrule Tubes

Regular Price: $3.00
Sale: $2.75, 10/$25.00
Meucci Ferrule Rods

Regular Price: $15.00
Sale: $10.99

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