Click to enlargeTiger<br>Cue Tip Alternatives<br>NO MORE<br>MAP CRAP!

Tiger Cue Tips anyone? Why pay inflated and controlled MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) with all Tiger cue tips such as Onyx, Sniper, Everest or IceBreaker cue tips? You don't have to anymore nor do you have to shop around and negotiate to get a lower price for Onyx cue tips, Sniper Cue Tips, Everest cue tips or Icebreaker cue tips.

Buy Extreme!

Things should be easy in today's difficult world. You should pay the price you see and the price you see should be the merchants best available price; not some manipulated, controlled and fixed pricing structure that is set by the manufacturer which is not in the best interest of the consumer.

Through our disenchantment with Tiger Products and as one of their largest distributors, we got tired of listening to the owner, Vartan "Tony" Kalamdaryan complain to us each month like a little girl about the way we priced his products which we now owned. We are no longer a distributor because our dear friend "Tony" decided to cancel our distributorship as we would not "comply" and fix prices against our friends and customers. Imagine that.

Well, perhaps that was for the best as we are now pricing all Tiger tips at prices we see fit and ticking off all his distributors as well as we released the distributor pricing chart for all the world to see how this MAP scheme and manipulation works. We will never conform to MAP and as such, we don't handle MAP products. We don't have to.

So, in an effort to offer you, our friends and clients an alternative to a corrupt system of pricing such as Tiger Products insists on imposing on the public, we've decided to manufacture some of the finest tips in direct competition to Tiger Products over-priced MAP CRAP products line.

Our Extreme tips are the same in many respects as their counterparts. These tips are Extremely better because you are supporting USA manufacturing, marketing and products instead of a foreigner preying upon the USA marketplace. You'll find these tips play as well or better and why shouldn't they - they're basically the same thing without the fixed price! If you don't like them, send them back an I'll eat them! That's how true these tips play. We spent a lot of time and research to compete on an equal footing and we believe we've gone to Extremes to achieve our goals.

Try all our Extreme Onyx, Sniper, Everest & Ice Breaker cue tips! You'll be Extremely pleased.

NOW SHIPPING & They're Extremely Superior!

Onyx Extreme™<br> Cue Tips
Sniper Extreme™<br>Cue Tips
IceBreaker Extreme™<br> Cue Tips
Onyx Extreme™
Cue Tips

Regular Price: $27.95
Sale: $10.95, 6/$63.00, 12/$119.40
Sniper Extreme™
Cue Tips

Regular Price: $22.95
Sale: $7.95, 6/$41.70, 12/$71.40
IceBreaker Extreme™
Cue Tips

Regular Price: $24.95
Sale: $10.95, 6/$54.00, 12/$96.00
Lion Jump/Break<br> Extreme™ Cue Tips
Everest Extreme™<br> Cue Tips
Lion Jump/Break
Extreme™ Cue Tips

Regular Price: $19.95
Sale: $8.00, 6/$42.00, 12/$72.00
Everest Extreme™
Cue Tips

Regular Price: $19.95
Sale: $9.99, 6/$56.94, 12/$107.88

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